Printing 3D Sex Toys At The UPS Store Is Now A Reality

Now You Can Print 3D Sex Toys At The UPS Store (Probably)

At The UPS Store, you might be able to pick up a different kind of package.

The company began offering 3D printing services over the past couple of months, and UPS Store rules don’t explicitly prohibit customers from using those printers to create sex toys, intrepid reporters at the Daily Dot learned this week.

A UPS Store representative told the site they won’t allow patrons to print out items like weapons or anything that’s the intellectual property of someone else. When the Daily Dot asked about sex toys, the rep said there’s no company-wide rule against them, but since each store is individually owned, the owners of a particular store could make their own anti-erotic policy.

The site also points out there are already websites available that offer free downloadable sex toy patterns for 3D printers.

Printable sex toys are nothing new, but being able to just pop by a UPS Store (assuming you live near one of the 100 locations currently offering 3D printing) certainly adds a level of convenience.

Pricing for the printing service depends on the size and complexity of whatever you’re printing out. CNN reports that an iPhone case would cost around $60, while a replica femur bone would set you back about $325.

And hey, if 3D printing isn’t your thing, but you still want something customizable, you can always get a plaster cast of your (or someone else's!) penis.

CORRECTION: A former version of this article incorrectly conflated UPS with The UPS Store. UPS is a parent company of The UPS Store, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS.

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