So Now You Can 3D Print Replicas Of Your Very Own Baby (PHOTO)

Using ultrasound images or pictures of your newborn, the aptly named company 3D Babies can make a life-like representation of your infant.

But the Internet seems to be divided: Is the concept creepy or cool?

“Your pregnancy with this child is a once in a lifetime experience. Recall those feelings with your own 3D Baby,” the company’s website states. The figurine is made using "the latest computer graphics and 3D printing technology."

Buyers can customize skin tone (light, medium or dark) and choose from a range of fetal positions. Just like a real life baby, a life-size 3D baby (8 inches crown to rump) will cost you a pretty penny. In this case, $800.

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3d babies

The idea stemmed from two parents who wanted to cherish the memories of their pregnancy experience and share it with others.

“This is a great way to share the excitement of your new baby with family and friends. Your 3D Baby will be a treasured family remembrance of your pregnancy and new baby,” the website states.

Whether the replicas are strange or sweet is up for debate, however.

"I think it's just uncanny to see an inanimate object that so closely resembles a living person you know intimately," The Stir's Adriana Velez wrote, noting that she's personally not a fan of the idea. Others disagree: "I think it could be quite sure as adults a lot of us would love to see what we were like at the beginnings," a Metro UK commenter wrote.

Don’t have your own baby from which to fashion a model? Worry not: CNBC notes 3D Babies is offering figurines of little North West, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter, for $250.

It should be noted that 3D Babies isn't the first company to "immortalize infancy." In 2012, Japanese engineering company Fasotec partnered with Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic in Tokyo to produce 3D replicas of fetuses by converting a MRI scan of the mother's womb to a 3D model filled with resin.

3d babies

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