3D Printed Wearable Instruments Turn Movement Into Music

LOOK: 3D Printer Turns Human Bodies Into Musical Instruments

Ph.D researchers Joseph Malloch and Ian Hattwick from McGill University have created 3D-printed wearable musical instruments. The prosthetic digital instruments act as extensions of the human body, using advanced sensing technologies to transform movement into music and dance.

3d printed wearable instruments

For three years, the designers worked closely with dancers, musicians, composers and a choreographer to create the visually striking instruments. The transparent 3D printouts, illuminated from within, are equipped with articulated spines, curved visors and ribcages.

Dancers play the digital instruments through movement, orientation and touch.

Take a look at the video documentary explaining the birth of the musically inclined prosthetics, along with snippets of the performance "Les Gestes."

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