3D Printer Book: Tom Burtonwood Creates Unusual Artwork

3D printers have been used to create all manner of objects, and now artist Tom Burtonwood has created, and made available the plans for, a book.

"I have been thinking for some time how it would be nice to produce a book of textures and reliefs," he wrote on Thingiverse, where he also made available the plans for people to download.

"The impetus for this project was a call for submissions from the Center for Book and Paper here in Chicago at Columbia College. The exhibition calls for both "print on demand" and "photographic" books. This "publication" is my response. I think that - for now - the accordion style format is the most realistic. Although I would love to do some kind of traditionally bound book format - as a 3d printed object."

The book, called Orihon (Accordion Book), consists of a series of printed hinges, and six pieces of artwork available elsewhere on Thingiverse, three of them his own, as well as 3D text explaining how they were created, and a list of works.

See the book below:

Tom Burtonwood's 3D Printed Book
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