4 Addictions You Really Need to Fight

4 Addictions You Really Need to Fight
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It is normal for humans to get addicted to something. We get addicted to the most random things with report indicating people being addicted to other people as well. While some of these addictions have been proven to be beneficial, some have really serious consequences.

While there is no consensus on what causes an addiction, almost everyone agrees that addiction is bad and one must take steps to control it.

In this article we are going to have a look at four addictions that are common but need to be reduced:

1. Gambling

Considered as an addictive disorder by The American Psychiatric Association, gambling is a common addiction all around the world, even though it is illegal in many countries.

According to studies, gambling has the same effect on brain as drugs and alcohol. Gambling can be quite addictive and the victim typically needs therapy to overcome this addiction.

Gambling has a lot more in common with alcohol and drug addiction than it looks. According to reports, gamblers feel the same high as drug addicts feel when they take cocaine. A victory results in the release of dopamine that pushes the player to play some more in hope of more victory, making gambling more dangerous.

2. Gaming

This is a new form of addiction that is quickly growing in men and boys. According to research, 10% of video game players in the age bracket of 8 to 18 are addictive to video gaming and are out of control gamers.

You will find many supporters of this type of addiction since playing video games has its own benefits. It is believed that playing video games can make you a better entrepreneur by improving your problem solving and decision making skills. However, in recent times another benefit of videogames has come out in the open.

There are players around the world making thousands by doing nothing by playing video games. International video gaming tournaments are held all around the world where winners do not just get fame but great prizes as well. Some such famous and addictive games include DOTA and Solitaire.

3. Internet

We are in a digital world where everything is accessible just at a touch of a button. Internet addiction is a growing concern and is common among Generation Z, as this generation, born in the 2000’s, has been using the internet since childhood.

They are so used to having the internet around; they do not know how to function without it. The internet does not only help them stay in touch with friends and family, but also get access to movies, songs and news pieces.

Experts do not consider internet addiction a real addiction, however being too dependant on the internet can have its consequences. A 2014 report pushed the idea of considering this as an addiction by showing changes in how the brain works when one is addicted to the internet.

According to stats, internet addicts spend 11 or more hours on the internet everyday, at times doing useless tasks.

They are so used to the internet that not having access to the web often spoils their mood, even though they do not have anything important to do on the web. Additionally, around 6% of all internet users are said to be addicted.

4. Eating

Can eating ever be an addiction? Science says so. Some people are so addicted to eating they continue to consume food even when they are full. Considered more of a disorder, binge eating affects around 3% of the US population.

In this situation, one does not eat only to remove hunger but to ease emotions and improve mood. While there are several causes of this disorder, many experts argue that binge eating has more to do with stress than addiction.

Any addiction is bad addiction, and you must take steps to prevent it. The best option is to speak to someone if you feel you are addicted to something. The solution is out there, it’s all about finding it.

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