4 Amazing Ways Curious Kids Can Explore The Life of Plants

4 Amazing Ways Curious Kids Can Explore The Life of Plants
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Are you a parent or an educator looking for a new learning experience for your child or students? If your child is interested in science, why not expose them to the magic of life sciences!

I've selected 4 of the best learning experiences for you to share with your child. All are well-priced, educational, and are focussed on self-directed learning.

Namoo is a newly-released application that provides an interactive learning experience for children. Its design means it is perfect for self-directed learning, yet it is also able to be used with a parent, or even by a teacher in the classroom.

With Namoo, new facts reveal themselves when you engage with the screen. It doesn't overload you and doesn't bore you with too much terminology at once, which is a problem with traditional books - they are overwhelmingly packed with terminology.

It is the perfect app for any curious kid who prefers to have learning as a visual, yet hands-on experience. If your child is bored by books, this is the app to choose. With a pleasant pace and a charming feel, it sets the standard for functional learner-centered mobile education.


Plant Pals is a plant kit that was actually created by a kid! With three kinds of seeds, children can experiment in a variety of ways. The kit comes with a booklet of easy-to-follow instructions which guides your child through the various experiments offered.

After mastering the initial series of growth experiments, children are free to create their own experiments by adjusting the different variables they have been learning on their journey. If parents approve, children can even consume what they grow. Actually consuming what you grow is the best learning experience of them all, don't you think?


This is the perfect kit to introduce your child to the technique of hydroponic gardening. Children can learn about sprouting lettuce seeds and then about the hydroponic techniques of adding air, water, and nutrients to them in order for them to grow without soil. It's a pretty cool-looking kit that any budding scientist would love. It would make a great project to do with a family member, as well. I would have loved this kit as a child!


With this kit, children can watch root veggies as they grow and develop from a seed. The clear tubes mean the roots are visible through all stages of the growth process, enabling children to see exactly what happens as their carrots, radishes, and onions grow. It sits in a wooden holder, meaning it is free from spills. Your child can check on the growth tubes daily to see how their plants are growing. A very cool piece for any budding botanist.

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