4 Best Places to Find Top Sales Reps and Marketers

By: Holly Berrigan

Image Source: FullFunnel.co

Every SMB (including FullFunnel) needs top sales and marketing talent, but struggles to find and retain it. We always look to our network first for personal experience and demonstrated results. However, when this network is exhausted, it's time to create the traditional job posting for your sales executives, marketers, and business development associates.

For someone not in sales or marketing this can be a daunting task of not knowing where to find them, or what specific traits are needed for these positions. Equally daunting is that, unlike most job areas, people with strong track records always have a multitude of opportunities to choose from, so differentiation is key to drawing in this top-level talent.

So where are these top sales reps and marketers, and how do you woo them to your company?

There are hundreds of venues for your job postings, so understanding which are the most valuable for sales and marketing positions is half the battle in finding the right candidate. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Social Media

You want your sales and marketing people to be social media savvy, so it's logical that they will be looking for positions there. Using Facebook and Twitter to share your job posting not only reaches your immediate audience but also your employees and interested parties who will most likely share or retweet the post. In using this channel to get the word out, you're still within your company's social circle which may even provide references to the candidate. Additionally, it's free!

2. Inbound.org

For inbound marketing, inside sales, and creative talent, Inbound.org is a great place to start. Generally, candidates on this platform are well-versed with inbound methodologies, and have likely even completed inbound and HubSpot certification programs. You can also proactively search and filter members based on skills, certifications, location, and more.

3. Campus Recruiting

Perfect for internships and entry level positions, going through local universities (or top universities if you know there is a large population interested in moving to your market) garners a solid number of candidates. Get to know the university's curriculum, and if it aligns with your company's mission it could be a great fit for current and future recruiting.

4. LinkedIn

The most obvious strategy for recruiting is to use LinkedIn postings which can easily attract thousands of applications and viewings. With LinkedIn's one-click submission you run the risk of receiving many applications without much context. To combat that, require a cover letter or additional information on the job posting. If the candidate is truly interested, they will send the 2nd part of the application which will fine tune your list of applicants considerably.

With so many options for postings, make sure that you are targeting the right posting locations so that you are getting the right fit for the organization, and not just someone who ticked off the boxes.

General Tips for Your Posting:

  • Keep the listing as short and concise as possible

  • The tone should be light and introductory
  • Break up paragraphs as often as you can and use bullets to make the information easily digestible
  • Add a company description
  • Do not go over 1 page for the description and key info
  • You can also check out this downloadable template to create your own masterpiece.
  • Hiring sales people is a crucial aspect of the success of a business. Now that you have the road map for a strong sales rep posting, download the guide and get started on your own.


    Holly Berrigan is Director of Accounts for FullFunnel and helps businesses gain traction. With a background in business development and international media, Holly enjoys creating and optimizing sales and marketing strategies. Fluent in Spanish, French, and Italian, Holly most enjoys training her golden retriever, Normando, in Spanish.

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