4 Big Trends in 2014 -- Social/Mobile/Data in the Cloud

Here's what's hot in 2014:

1. Social-mobile-data in the Cloud is the competitive advantage
2. Predictive matching in B2B content
3. Workplace transformation
4. Wearable technology

1. True Convergence
Companies that provide social-mobile-data in the cloud to knowledge workers have the competitive advantage over companies that don't. It's that simple. As we get better at security, encryption and protection of corporate and personal assets in the cloud there is no reason not to enable everyone to have access. Unlocking knowledge and freeing up innovation from "cul-de-sacs" improves time to market and the bottom line.

2. Predictive Matching in B2B Content
In the year 2014, we will see content finding the stakeholder, not the other way around. Curation is not enough. "Other employees who read this article also downloaded this content, "and, "Other suppliers who downloaded this price list requested these specs," will become common.

With all the social intelligence and big data out there, smart analytics have provided predictable matching for some time now in the consumer space for companies like Netflix and Amazon. 2014 brings this to the enterprise.

3. Workplace Transformation
Companies all around the world are forming steering groups to anchor their roadmap for the growth of the connected digital worker in 2014. The 24/7 BYOD (bring your own device), "anywhere-anytime" workplace has arrived.

Along with it comes the Millennial Generation streaming into the workforce at an accelerated pace. Thanks to the rise of mobile, cloud and social, millennials -- who are used to flexibility, openness -- land instantly, connecting with people regardless of their location. The workplace is transforming and 2014 sees it kick into high gear.

4. Wearable Tech
Eyewear, bracelets and watches -- from Samsung Gear to Google Glass to Apple iWatch and Pebble SmartWatch -- all stand poised to capitalize on a market that has stood at the starting line before.

Wearable tech is not new, but something is changing in this space as well. On the business side, 2014 could mark the time when wearable tech becomes a productivity tool. Watch for worker productivity apps in wearables as medical professionals, rescue teams, warehouse workers and others are starting to use devices that overlay images and relevant data on goggles.

Economists seem cautiously optimistic that 2014 could see a turning point in global economic growth. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the 24/7 connectivity, and the millennials worldwide will make 2014 an interesting journey indeed.

Beverly Macy is author, educator and thought leader in social and digital business. She is the author of The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing and the host of Social Media Radio.