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4 Big-Ticket Baby Registry Items for the Health Conscious Parent

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Having a baby is a hectic but beautiful time in life. This new bundle of joy brings with it fresh challenges, experiences, and different ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

With the excitement of a new baby comes the stress of creating a baby registry. The baby market is huge due to an endless sea of options and can be overwhelming to swim through. But don't fret! Below is a list of must-have big-ticket best baby products for you, the (soon-to-be) mommy or daddy with a green conscience. So lay back, put your feet up, and enjoy some quality time with this article before your little one arrives.

1. BOB Revolution CE

Tired of cheap foldable strollers that break down at the worst time and add up in cost?

This three-wheel stroller, the BOB Revolution CE stroller, is designed to easily maneuver through crowds and cut tight corners without a safety risk.

The stroller is lightweight and has multiple storage components, including a large seat back pocket, internal seat pockets to keep food and toys, and a low undercarriage storage area.

Parents with this stroller can feel at ease when going for a jog or walk with their baby. The BOB Revolution CE stroller is the best fit for any outdoorsy parent.

2. Ergo 360 4 Position Baby Carrier

Let's be honest, carrying a baby can be a pain. In fact, it's a huge pain on the neck and lower back. The problem only gets worse when you're struggling to carry a fussy baby.

Here comes the Ergo 360 4 Position Baby Carrier to the rescue! This baby carrier is a great gift for healthy parents because it makes it easy for them to carry their baby without the muscle pain.

The Ergo 360 4 Position Baby Carrier also frees up hands, this allows parents to multitask while carrying their child. The baby carrier is perfect on walks or when out running errands.

3. Alen Breathesmart Fit50 + HEPA-Odorcell Filter

Say goodbye to diaper odors and hello to the Alen Breathesmart FIT50 with a HEPA-OdorCell filter. It works even better at eliminating diaper odors than the Diaper Genie. This air purifier is special for two reasons: it eliminates dirty diaper odors and it can help lull a baby to sleep with its pink noise. That's two birds with one stone (sorry, birds.)

Pink noise is more soothing than white noise as it is similar to sounds found in nature. The sound of a BreatheSmart FIT50 can help shorten the amount of time it takes to put your baby (and you) to sleep.

But that's not all--the HEPA-OdorCell filter in a BreatheSmart FIT50 can get rid of the overwhelming diaper smells your nose has grown accustomed too but your guests haven't. Oh, and it removes allergens and pollutants, too.

-$529 from (with HEPA-Odorcell filter)

4. bumGenius

Tired of wasting money on disposable diapers? Meet the bumGenius, a washable, reusable cloth diaper that can save you tons of money. The bumGenius is the perfect solution to reducing diaper waste.

The diapers are made with a microfiber insert which prevents leaks and are soft on a baby's delicate skin. The elastic waistband on the diapers provide a snug fit. The only downside is the diapers are only good for one wear before wash, but this problem can easily be solved by buying a pack of bumGenius diapers.