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4 Creative Centerpiece Ideas

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When your tabletop display demands more than the traditional glass vase. Enter four unique ideas.

photography by LIVIA CORONA

Chinese Tea Tins

Boldly patterned canisters (a glass of water is hidden inside) burst with handfuls of bouncy, fragrant sweet peas. Inexpensive lanterns create an extra-festive scene.

photography by LIVIA CORONA

Perfume Vials

There's no flower more lavish or look-at-me than heady peonies. The formal lines of perfume bottles (narrow necks transform them into natural bud vases) are the perfect counterpoint--they almost disappear beneath the blooms.

photography by LIVIA CORONA

Beer and Vinegar Bottles

A tulip and buttery viburnum hang out together in amber bottles that anchor the feathery arcs like tiny tree trunks.

photography by LIVIA CORONA

Tomato Cans

The uptown/downtown pairing of roses and something commonly found in the recycling bin makes for playful centerpieces.