4 DIY Hair Packs for Beautiful Hair

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These are 4 Hair packs that will help you get a silky, healthy smooth hair. Use it at least once every 15 days regularly to get good results. Another advantage is they are completely natural .They do no harm to your hair.

Pack 1

  • Grate half of coconut , strain the grated product in a cotton cloth ( or whatever you can work with ) .You will get coconut milk.
  • Add spoonful honey to it .
  • Apply the mixture to hair including scalp.
  • Wait for 30 mins then wash hair.
  • This pack has both anti inflammatory and conditioning properties which are effective for dandruff and dull hair.

Pack 2

  • Take one ripe banana and make it into a paste.
  • Add one egg white and a tsp olive oil to it.
  • Apply to hair ,wait for 30mins.
  • Shampoo carefully to completely wash the mixture from hair.

Pack 3

  • Take half cup curd.
  • Add one egg white and 3 tsp lemon juice to it.
  • Apply to scalp and wash after 30 mins .
  • This pack helps with dandruff and makes hair shiny.


  • Squeeze four strawberries into a thick paste.
  • Add 2 tsp curd to it .
  • Apply this to hair and wait for 20 mins before washing.
  • This is specially useful for greasy scalp.

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