4 Easy Habits You Can Start Creating Today to Become Magnetic to the Life You Want

One of the tricks to manifesting what we want in life is to create a small set of daily rituals, or success habits, that not only help us feel great in our day-to-day but will also help us align with a higher vibrational energy so that we become magnetic to what we desire.
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happy young woman with bicycle
happy young woman with bicycle

One of the tricks to manifesting what we want in life is to create a small set of daily rituals, or success habits, that not only help us feel great in our day-to-day but will also help us align with a higher vibrational energy so that we become magnetic to what we desire.

Before we explore which habits will have you magnetizing your ideal life, it's essential to understand that as humans we are all vibrational beings. This means we are constantly sending out a distinct emotional state, quality, or feeling that affects our life either positively or negatively.

Thanks to our own internal GPS, it's easy to know what sort of vibration we're giving out. Our emotions are our inner guidance system (or GPS) and will always tell us where on the vibrational scale we are and the extent to which we are allowing or blocking what we desire into our life. All we need to do is simply check in with how we feel and we'll know immediately whether we're offering a high or low vibration.

When we're feeling good, e.g., experiencing joy and happiness, we are in a place of high vibration -- a place of "allowing" opportunities to flow to us. Whereas the more often we find ourselves bogged down with negative emotions we will be in a place of resistance and block ourselves from being magnetic to anything but the things we DON'T WANT.

Key: You want to find ways of feeling "high vibrating emotions" as often as possible -- feelings such as Gratitude, Love, Joy, Happiness, Knowledge, Empowerment, Freedom, Appreciation, Passion, Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Positive Expectation, Belief, Optimism, and Hopefulness.

You'll know you're following the path of least resistance when you steer clear of emotions such as: Guilt, Shame, Jealousy, Envy, Anger, Fear, Resentment, Grief, Depression, Despair, Powerlessness, Insecurity, Unworthiness, Hatred, Rage, Revenge, Discouragement, Blame, Worry, Doubt, Disappointment, Overwhelm, Frustration, Irritation, Impatience, Pessimism.

Understanding that we have our own internal GPS means that we can navigate ourselves towards a better-feeling place any time we're experiencing life off course from where we want to be.

The more we practice doing that the more magnetic we become to the things we want in life because positive emotions place us in a state of "allowing" and open us to opportunities that are just waiting for us to see and grab!

Sounds easy enough, but let's be realistic. Resonating at a high level all the time doesn't just happen. Especially when you feel like life's been coming at you from all sides for quite some time and you're walking around in a daze on autopilot.

Therein lies another little secret -- the last thing you want to be doing is creating your life by default because you're unknowingly offering a vibration that doesn't match the life you want.

Whether you want to believe it or not we all create the life we have through the Law of Attraction delivering to us both what is wanted and what is unwanted depending on the signal we send out to the Universe. Whatever we give out with our energy vibration we will receive back to us. If you think life keeps throwing you curve balls ask yourself, "What signal have I been giving out to attract this?"

Like anything, vibrating at a high level naturally and automatically takes practice. But when we introduce small bite-sized rituals into our day on a consistent basis, we find the magic starts to happen as our momentum, self-confidence and manifesting muscle begins to build.

1) Set your intention each day and re-set it throughout the day
We can't control what comes towards us in life, but we can control how we react or respond to it; this is the gift of equanimity. When we pre-pave the kind of day we want by breaking it up in chunks or segments and project onto it the kind of energy we want to experience, it will flow the way we want it to. This is because when we set an intention, energy follows that thought.

For example, imagine you've got an early morning appointment and you're worried about being late because of traffic. Decide and see yourself in your mind's eye get into your car 10mins earlier tomorrow, feel your car purring into gear immediately, see yourself pulling out into little or no traffic, the lights continuing to flow green the whole way, your favorite songs playing on the radio and you reaching your appointment with time to spare.

Do this from the night before to create the kind of high-vibrational day you want. This is also a great ritual to do for each segment of your day when you feel like there's too much to do. It's an immediate way to get yourself out of overwhelm and into your flow.

2) Frame Your Day in Gratitude
This is the quickest way to unclog your self of negative energy. The emotion of gratitude is one of the highest vibrating emotions we can feel and ensures your attraction point is a positive one. Remember, when we change our focus from the negative to positive, we change our point of attraction.

From time to time, yes, those "I'm not really feeling grateful for anything" kind of days will rear their ugly head. And when they do it's good to have a "go to" list of things you can feel good about.

An example of something on such a list could be "I'm grateful that I'm breathing and I don't have to think about it" or "I'm grateful for the roof over my head or the shirt on my back."

From there you can take the next step of looking for new things to be grateful for, such as "the extra wide smile the cute barista gave you at the coffee shop this morning" or "the person who held open the door for you" or "the vibrant colors of all the different bunches of flowers you walked past at the flower market on your way home tonight."

The idea is not to wait for bigger wins before feeling grateful NOW. Yes, the surprise refund check in the mail or the big discount off that item you've been waiting for is fantastic, but things start to change much more quickly when you realize that you attract things into your life from the point of where you place your focus.

Tip: Learn to be happy with where you are right now, in this moment, because you'll only be able to draw more goodness into your life from a place of positive vibration.

Sometimes this is misunderstand to mean you'll need to end up settling for where you are right now if you can find happiness in a situation you don't really want to be in. Trust me. It doesn't. Think of it like this -- if the worst thing that happens is you get happy with something that you previously considered miserable, you're experiencing a game changer!

3) Reach for the Better Feeling Thought
Each time you feel yourself slipping into negativity and going off course, think of yourself as a heat-seeking missile whose target is highest vibration it can find.

In order to pull yourself back towards your target, readjust your focus by asking yourself, "Which thought can I choose to think in this moment that will feel better?"

Again, remember that our thoughts equal our point of attraction and the better we feel, the more that everything and everyone around us improves.

4) Carry a Talisman
This is my favorite way to remind myself that life really is wonderful. Carry something around with you, either in your pocket or handbag, that reminds you of something that lights up your heart and you'll be on speed dial to connecting with a higher vibration.

I was recently going into a meeting with someone I was having difficulty dealing with. Just before the encounter took place a very special someone brought me a small perfectly round stone, infused with the scent he wears to have in my pocket as a reminder that he was thinking of me and that all would go well with the meeting because that was the outcome I chose to have.

The meeting went better than expected.

The idea of building new rituals into your day might initially feel hard and time consuming to begin with. But do them often enough and you will soon feel them come naturally and automatically because they've become new "habits."

While rituals contain their own special alchemy, habits are our paths to least resistance. And it's when we offer little or no resistance that we live from a place of allowing the Universe to work her magic and we become magnetic to the life we truly desire.


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