4 Hot Celebrity Couples: Will They Make It?

Wouldn't it be heavenly to be able to decode compatibility on a deep, long-term level? You can, and it's as simple as knowing a person's birthday. Numerology is the ancient study of numbers and their influence on events, cycles and patterns in our lives. In particular, numerology is an excellent way to compare chemistry between two people. I work with the cognitive parts of the mind each day, but I've been fascinated with this ancient spiritual teaching since my youth. So I've composed a relationship analysis and fun, future forecast for four hot celebrity couples based on their birth codes:

1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Kim and Kanye continue to sit atop the throne as Hollywood's most in-demand couple. Truly, it seems that each has found their other half: only Kim can love Kanye the way Kanye loves himself, and their mutual fashion obsession is nothing short of admirable. Now with their second child on the way, their relationship seems stronger than ever. As much as I hate to disappoint the diehard "Kimye" fans, Kim and Kanye are not soulmates. They merely have a karma -- an action -- that must play out. They harbor unhealed, karmic experiences from past relationships, and such experiences will resurface spontaneously and disturb their bond. They both entered this relationship damaged from previous love affairs and tried to solidify their marriage by creating a family together. The truth is that despite her amazing looks, Kim is still an insecure girl. And Kanye is a self-absorbed introvert who does not want his attention turned away from himself. Each tailored this romance to their own needs: Kanye to build on himself, and Kim to build the family she so desperately desired. This relationship will last for another two to four years, but it is unlikely to continue beyond that time; both individuals are utterly egocentric. This means that when push comes to shove, neither will give in to the other. Kanye has a meticulous, analytical character, and calculates well his next move. It is no doubt that he married Kim because he saw in her the unlimited potential, fame and financial stability that could benefit him. He's not to be blamed, however (who wouldn't want these things?), but the irony is that Kim will continue to surpass Kanye in terms of fame post their future split. She is, after all, a number 4, the numerological symbol of power and money.

2. Beyoncé and Jay Z: Despite recent, ongoing rumors of divorce, Beyoncé and Jay Z's marriage continues to appear intact. If we take a look at their numerology, we discover that while they haven't split (yet), their marriage is largely based on free will and not fate: in regards to their life paths, both Beyoncé and Jay Z are 5s, a number that signifies personal freedom, independence and detachment. Two fives cannot ground each other. What does mutually ground them, however, is the business they uphold. It's a deal of sorts, and a great one at that. But it is also a reality that their marriage is a compromise. The numerology of the day, month and year they wed equals a 9, which lends the energy of endings. They are the "partners in crime" that their song "Bonnie & Clyde" indicates. In fact, their marriage is more of a brother-sister bond than a truly romantic attachment. They literally have each other's back; when one is in trouble, the other steps in immediately. They will eventually divorce when their careers slow down, as this is the glue that holds them together. But as long as their projects continue to thrive, so will their marriage.

3. Kate Middleton and Prince William: This couple will inherit more than the royal throne; they have acquired the heavy karma carried down in the lineage of British monarchy. Karmically speaking, the royal family holds a dark history, most recently manifesting in the tragic death of Princess Diana. Here, we are dealing with a man who -- despite his infinite power and wealth -- is forever damaged by his mother's death. Prince William subconsciously sought to escape the heavy, imposing energy of his family by marrying a normal, middle-class girl. He broke a vicious cycle when he decided to wed a woman of not-so-royal standards. This ended a longstanding pattern that forced former generations of the royal family to marry only fellow members of "pure" descent. William holds his mother's revolutionary, liberal belief system. Diana would have terminated the old dogma of the monarchy, but since her life ended prematurely, her son now bears the torch that will scorch an outdated belief system. What's more, there is true, genuine love here. Kate supplies William with exactly what he's missing: the ideal of an ordinary, functional family. William carries deep-seated resentment against his father for his past actions. But he's doing the right thing: he is trying to right the wrong karma of his ancestors and turn the karmic wheel around to live in his own joy. Kate proved to the world that any woman can become a princess and live the dream of becoming royalty! There will be many bumps down the road, particularly in regards to internal family conflicts. But if William can overcome and heal his own emotional turmoil (as he has proven to do so far), then this relationship will continue to reign strongly.

4. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Aniston has great reason to celebrate right now, having recently tied the knot with her beloved Justin. What's interesting is that every time I've cued the line at the supermarket for the past 15 years, I've seen at least one magazine cover allege that Aniston is having a baby. Aniston has recurring 2's in her life code, a number that symbolizes motherhood and the feminine energy. Yet motherhood has proven to be Aniston's greatest life struggle. She will adopt a beautiful baby, and this will fulfill Aniston's need to have the family she deserves to have. But I simply can't establish the foundation of Aniston's relationship with Theroux: they're not soulmates and they don't have past-life karma. Heck, they're not even compromising! Aniston and Theroux are more united in their quest to do good for others than to be with each other. They seem to go their own separate ways often and they don't suffer being apart from each other for prolonged periods of time. I'm not a fan of delivering bad news to Aniston, but I keep having to do it. Simply put, this is a transitory relationship that is meant to serve a short-term purpose to each partner. I find Theroux a loner, and I find that Aniston was desperate for a marriage. The purpose of this relationship, ultimately, is to build the courage Aniston needs to conquer her life challenge and finally become a mother.

The love lives of celebrities never fail to entertain us -- but there is much more to the science of numerology than predicting which couple might make it or break it. To learn how to calculate your very own compatibility based on numbers, pick up a copy of my book Decoding Your Destiny and decipher your own divine road ahead.

To true compatibility,
Dr. Carmen Harra

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