Alien Invasion 2012: Four Humans Who Could Be Aliens

Briony Westinghouse reporting from the field with Part Two (see Part One here) of my investigative series, "Earth Things Which Could Be Aliens."

As you know, I've immersed myself in an exploration of the unknown. In this segment, I uncover the true identities of high-profile extraterrestrials living among us.

Chiming in again with his wisdom is wunderkind detective and truth-seeker Bugeyes:

"The Men in Black Suits make it easy for the aliens who live here to stay out of the spotlight. They hide them in plain sight. It's crazy. Take Lady Gaga, for instance. Meat dress? They get her to look so much like an actual alien, that we just think it's normal. The Men in Black Suits are genius!"

Bugeyes brings up a great point and he inspired me to dig into this topic further. Here are a few of the "people" I thought most likely to be aliens.

Feel free to add your thoughts or suggestions below. I'd love the feedback!

Her spot on the list was a no-brainer. Many predict Gaga to be the first alien to come clean and tell the truth about her planetary heritage.

There are great mysteries hiding in the clouds of the Himalayas. It is suggested the extreme environment is inviting to extraterrestrials that utilize the high mountaintops as discrete landing pads. Whether the 14th Dalai Lama is from Earth or not continues to be subject to intense speculation, but there are few doubts that the Himalayas are home to more than just humans.

The blogs are buzzing with questions about a peculiar tattoo artist who goes by the name Clive. If you watch his commercial, it's clear that he and his cohorts are hiding something.

The question isn't whether Shakespeare was an alien, but whether he was one alien or a collective of different extraterrestrial playwrights writing together.

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