4 Manifestation Myths Busted

Photo by Greg Rakozy

Manifesting means co-creating with the universal field to attract experiences, people or things into your life by sending out your unique electromagnetic signal and taking action based on your mindset and beliefs.

Ultimately, your mind is the limitless creator of your reality. What you think influences your emotions and your emotions are the basis for your energy, the electromagnetic signal you emit.

This means, you are constantly manifesting. You cannot stop the signal you are sending out.

If you are unaware of your signal, not focusing your energy on what you truly desire, then you are just randomly attracting people, things and experiences into your life. Even if you are actively trying to manifest, it is hard nowadays with so much incorrect information swirling around the media.

Here are 4 myths about manifesting and how you can use the true power of the universal field in and around you for manifesting your goals.

Myth #1: Manifesting only means setting an intention
Setting an intention is crucial for any goal you are going after in your life. First you need to know WHAT you want, so that you can focus on it. What you focus on grows: Energy flows where attention goes. So, the mere fact of getting clarity around a goal puts you in a better position of getting it. Yet, if you do not take action to actually achieve this goal, the field can't bring it to you. You are co-creating your reality. You are a creator, not a waiter (not talking about serving dishes here). Nothing is stronger but focused action to show the field that you really want this. The more you take action to make your goal a reality, the more you are reassuring the field that this is what you want and the field meets you half-way to make it happen.

Myth #2: Manifesting means letting the field bring what's right for me
The beauty of being human is that you have free will choices. This means you can choose what you want your life to be like. This puts you in the driver seat and gives you the responsibility for all your experiences. So, even if the universe knew what's most beneficial for your growth and expansion, still you can make a choice to resist it or walk a whole different path. It's part of our soul's purpose to find our own way. Sure, you can get guidance by following your intuition, but still at some point you have to decide what you want. Nobody will do it for you. The field responds to clear requests. If you make a decision to go in a self-destructive direction, the field will respond as well. It will support your decisions, because it doesn't judge what you want. A castle is as good to the universal field as is a little hut. Whatever you think you are worth, you'll be able to manifest.

Myth #3: Manifesting will always be pleasant
When you think of manifesting do you ever realize that sometimes you want things or experiences in your life that are not aligned to your current energy? For example, you want that huge dream house with the view of the ocean. If you were that person that owns this house, would you be different? Would you feel different? How would you be different? What I want to point is that if you set goals, often you have to grow to get them. You have to leave the status quo behind and become a new you. You have to change your energy to attract what you desire. In order to go down that road, you have to let go of old beliefs, because your beliefs shape your mind and your mind (thoughts) influence your emotions. Remember? You may be presented with situations that challenge you emotionally and will show you an old pattern or belief that you need to let go of in order to manifest your goal.

Myth #4: Manifesting will always feel easy and light
If you are manifesting something that can hardly be part of your current reality, then you'll have to grow personally to become that person. Growth comes with stretching yourself, reaching for a new level. Changing your old behaviors can be very challenging. You have to take action outside your comfort zone in order to manifest new outcomes. If you've ever done anything outside your comfort zone, you know, it doesn't feel good the first time around. Your energy is not accustomed to the new experience and you feel off. The more you repeat it though the easier it gets. If you are still getting signs that this is the right path for you, don't let this stop you from manifesting. The miracle waits outside your comfort zone!

Did you ever believe one of these myths?
It's not too late to adjust your manifestation practice and finally attract all that you desire.

Right now is the only time you have to send out a new electromagnetic signal to the field.
Your best manifestation moment is right now.