4 Marketing Strategies for the Home Maintenance Industry

Developing a marketing strategy for any small business is a difficult task. Each industry has its own requirements when it comes to reaching out to customers, and that is no different for home maintenance companies. Any business that sells home maintenance services such as carpet cleaning, landscaping or garage door repair fulfills specific and unique needs for customers, and any marketing strategy should reflect that. If you are in the home maintenance business, here are a few things to keep in mind as you develop your marketing strategy.

1. Keep an Active Online Presence
88% of consumers turn to the Internet when they want to research a company or product, so having a company website that is regularly updated is a must. News about special deals should be posted regularly, and any blog you have should be updated weekly. Having active pages on social media will also be very helpful in finding clients, so make sure you have Facebook and Twitter pages that are checked and updated daily. Things move fast online, so be prepared to either be really creative, or spend a lot of time on it.


A garage door repair company in Phoenix recently did a blog series about yard sales in their area. But they uncovered a couple of interesting facts that they hadn't planned on. Apparently, some lucky bargain-hunters found a veritable treasure trove (literally) of yard sale items that have been appraised for millions. With purchase prices of less than $100 per item most of the time. Yard sales and garage door repair aren't typical ideas to mash together in a marketing campaign, but it worked brilliantly for this company.

Another maintenance company, this time in the air filtration space, is in a fairly boring industry. So the company decided to showcase some of their work in a blog post. With some of the worlds' more iconic structures: the "Gherkin" in London, The Reichstag Building in Berlin, and The Copenhagen Opera House in Denmark.

2. Have a Presence on Yelp
You should absolutely have a presence on Yelp. Yelp not only allows you to advertise your business, but it lets users post reviews of your services. Many people rely on these reviews when they are searching for businesses, and while you cannot control what people are saying about your services, you can still get a great idea of what many customers think about what you have to offer. Pay attention to these reviews, and adjust your services and business model accordingly.

3. Follow Up on All Leads As Soon as Possible
Salespeople have a concept called "speed to lead," meaning that new clients and jobs almost always go to the first person who follows up on it. Anybody who contacts you about your services is in need of them, or is at least in the market for them. If you don't get to speak to a potential customer when they first attempt to contact you, make sure you contact them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will lose business to a competitor.


A simple CRM, that has some built in service reminders and other automated messaging capabilities is fairly indispensable. There are a number of different options to choose from.

4. Reminder Marketing
Reminder marketing ties closely into following up on leads. Specifically, it means contacting your previous clients to let them know that your services are still readily available. Home maintenance is never a one-time job; it takes a lot of work to keep a home clean and in working order, so chances are that all of your clients will be in need of your services again.

As important as it is to follow up on your previous clients, you also need to be careful about not being too intrusive. A flier mailed to a client's home or printable coupons sent via email are perfect examples of reminder marketing because they keep your business fresh in client's minds. On the other hand, a phone call in the evening comes across as rude and inconsiderate.

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