4 Minutes Inside The Head Of A Mom With Anxiety

So many things to worry about.

Living with anxiety is an incredible challenge, and when you have kids, there's an endless supply of worrisome thoughts to consume your mind.

Mom and HuffPost blogger Bunmi Laditan created a video called "Four Minutes In a Mom With Anxiety's Brain," which shows her train of thoughts at different moments throughout an average day. Some familiar thoughts include:

  • "Wait, what time is it? Is the baby still sleeping? How is the baby still sleeping? ... Maybe someone broke into the house. Maybe he's halfway to Mexico. I should go check. But what if he's sleeping and I wake him up. A good mom would know what to do."
  • "Time for breakfast. OK, rice cereal has anthrax in it now. Or is it cyanide? No, arsenic. I can't believe I fed him that for six months. He's probably full of tumors, just full of them. And it's my fault."
  • "Oh gosh he's trying to go down the slide. Please don't fall off the structure. Should I help him or is that being a helicopter mom and crippling him for life? Maybe I should help. Or maybe he'll never learn to do anything by himself."

As Laditan wrote in the YouTube description, "Fun times (not really)."

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