4 Mom Duties I'd Like to Hand Off

Let's be honest, Motherhood has its moments and if you're like me you can laugh at those moments and, at the same time, pray for them to end. I don't know, maybe I can be more honest because, for me, I wasn't living my life to be a Mother and Wife. I wanted to get married and have kids, but I wasn't in any rush; it was going to happen when it was supposed to and I sure wasn't going to lose my entire identity to motherhood.

I often receive emails from fans, friends and followers about how they appreciate my honesty on life-especially the goals I struggle with, the meals I burn, the desserts that taste disgusting and the Pinterest projects that NEVER come out right.

I share how I can't stand changing diapers, hate cleaning high chairs and how motherhood's taking one h*ll of a toll on my body (despite my self-awareness and healthy lifestyle!) As much as this might seem too direct to a few of you, for the most part, I truly believe that this type of 'brutal honesty' can be healthy and cathartic. (Note: I'm talking about honesty that doesn't hurt a fly.)

I'm absolutely in love with every other aspect of motherhood, especially the part where I get to teach my kids and watch them learn, grow, smile, laugh and be kind. It warms my heart when they say "thank you,' 'I love you,' and how every time I get them from their naps, we all say " I missed you". Ugh, I love it.


My twins are now 22 months old and being a mother to them has been an experience I would never change. As you know, life isn't perfect and we aren't perfect. I don't have to love everything about being a mom. So, here are 4 dislikes about motherhood that I'd like to hand off. I'm sure I'm not alone...

Changing Diapers:
Somebody really has to figure out how to potty train these miracle babies at birth. Yea, It's my job and I do it, but I am so mumbling under my breath how much this sucks and smells and can't believe diapers are in my life for the next several months-hopefully not years. LOL. I'm laughing as I type this because it's hysterical to me. They hate it too and don't make it any easier when they cry and move and twist their bodies so the sh*t really hits the roof.

Cleaning High Chairs: I wouldn't even hire a cleaning lady to clean these highchairs because it's so annoying and painful. Three times a day for two kids: why leave the kitchen? It was like breastfeeding twins, every 3 hours, but by the time I was done breastfeeding and pumping it was time to go again.

Singing with them: Mainly because I can't stand hearing my horrible singing voice. Ask any of my friends, I never know the words and I'm pretty sure I'm tone deaf. Of course I sing and have fun with them, but gosh It's awful. I really should take basic singing lessons so I don't damage their ears. LOL.

Baby Proofing: My husband and I rarely, I mean rarely, argue and yell at one another. We've been together for about 8 years now and I think maybe 4 times we lost our cool with one another. 3 of those moments were over BABY PROOFING the house. Holy cannoli that was a disaster, mainly because we both aren't that handy. The baby proofing is of course needed, but the most painful process to get all set up.

What I LOVE about being a Mother totally outweighs these few no-so-fun moments. My point here is that it's OKAY to not love and enjoy bits and pieces of our lives, careers, and all experiences. Don't feel guilty or ashamed for speaking the truth. For me, it means that I'm human and if voicing my dislikes can make another person feel validated, supported and not alone in these same thoughts, then I'm happy to be the one who shares.

What Mom duties would you prefer to take a pass on?