4 Must Have Cryptocurrency Tools For 2018

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You can’t turn on your laptop or scroll through your smartphone without reading something about Bitcoin and how explosive it is right now.

With its historic growth, Bitcoin is about to crack the $10,000/BTC mark, having us all witnessing an evolution in the world of finance, in real time.

And now we’re all left asking ourselves how we want to respond to all this. How can we step into this realm without losing everything or at least, how can we improve our odds not to?

So do you want to be a Cryptocurrency Trader and Investor?

Or maybe you’re just looking to invest into the latest ICOs and anchor down a set sum with Bitcoin?

Whatever your objectives are, longterm or short, casual or aggressive, the fact of the matter is you’ll need all the available resources you can get your hands on. There is so much to be desired when it comes to Tools and Resources that are reliable for cryptocurrency traders to integrate into their system.

Luckily we have here 4 Tools that you might want to consider adding to your “arsenal” and see if they can help bring organization, security and overall peace of mind to your trading life. All 4 offer completely different benefits and can really diversify your entire approach to how you invest.

1. Preev - Sometimes the most basic tools are the absolute most valuable. Why? Because they’re simple, direct and concise. Take Preev for example. Preev is an exchange index where you can convert your Bitcoin or Litecoin Tokens into a number of different currencies around the globe. This will save you much time over and over again throughout your cryptocurrency purchasing, selling and exchanging.

2. CoinFi - With the monstrous growth of the cryptocurrency world and ICOs blooming every day, how will one navigate this constantly changing world? How do we accomplish the tedious and massively time consuming research needed to properly make well thought out decisions? Enter, CoinFi.

CoinFi is a cryptocurrency market intellignence platform, or as I would call it, your one stop cryptocurrency shop. Think of it like the Bloomberg terminal of crypto, only available to everyone. You’ll have access to hedge fund-caliber trading tools, real time news, data and analysis across the all the crypto markets.

Co-Founder and former Goldman Sachs equities trader, Timothy Tam, says he wants to build a platform that traders can utilize to make better, well-rounded, informed decisions.” Perfect support for those looking to avoid common mistakes or being entirely consumed by the volatility of cryptocurrency.

3. ICO Alert - The Cryptocurrency Market is no different than the Stock Market in the sense that getting in early is the name of the game. ICO Alert is yet another simple and straightforward tool any trader must have in their arsenal. Here you can find an up to the minute comprehensive list of ICOs, daily. In their search box you can type in anything from Poker to Caviar to Stomach Ulcers, yeah, try it. It’s the perfect platform to see what ICOs are coming out today and tomorrow - allowing you to research and invest both for fun and for profit!

4. Ledger Hardware Wallets - In the world of cryptocurrency, there are no tangibles. And with so many Why a hardware wallet? Because your private keys are hackable as long as they’re on your computer or smartphone. Ledger takes away that weakness by storing all your keys on your wallet, isolated and protected. It comes in a really cool small USB style system, allowing for multi-currency transactions in the palm of your hand.

No matter how experienced you are, entry level or headed towards your first million in cryptocurrency, any of these tools will help bring better balance or structure to your trade desk. Be sure to always stay on top of the latest resource available to help make you a smarter trader.