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4 Necessary Ingredients to Build Your Brand in 2015

Your brand is your promise to the consumer as it relates to your product, and it allows for interaction between your company and the customer. Logo design, color, shape, words, complexity, and simplicity all play a part in creating your brand.
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Your brand is your promise to the consumer as it relates to your product, and it allows for interaction between your company and the customer. Logo design, color, shape, words, complexity, and simplicity all play a part in creating your brand. Your brand should trigger a positive response and emotion from the consumer.

It's important not to confuse your brand with your product. Products are created and manufactured by companies, but brands are made by the special consumers we call "Frands." "Frands" are people who are loyal fans of a brand.

Here are four important ingredients that will help build your brand, your "Frands" and set your product apart from the competition.

1. Consumer Knowledge

Consumers are the true brand builders, and when companies understand this concept they can begin to connect personally to the consumer. It's the company's responsibility to provide the tools the consumer uses to build the brand.

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Dependability
  • Service
  • Social Contact
  • Human Connection

It's critical to know your target audience. Understanding the demographics of this vital consumer group, including their personal interest and communication preferences, contribute to the direction and voice of your marketing campaign.

It's vital to develop a human connection with your target group through analyzing their demographics and acting on the results. Connection builds loyalty, loyalty builds trust, and trust builds a "fan" community dedicated to supporting your brand.

2. Unique Identity

What is special about your brand? What makes you stand out in a sea of similar products? What service do you offer that is unique? Why was your product created? What niche does it fill in the marketplace? Answer people's questions before they ask, by explaining why your product or service is unique and essential.

When most people hear the name Rolex they think of high quality, high priced dress watches, and of course the nameplate has long been a leader in the world of luxury watches. What is perhaps less known is that the Rolex brand is also a leader in rugged watches which are perfect for all types of sports and activities, from scuba diving and deep sea exploration to Alpine skiing and mountain climbing.

For those individuals the Rolex name is less of a status symbol than a symbol of quality, and they understand the value of a watch that is able to stand up to the most rugged conditions and remain accurate to within hundreds of a second. Savvy Rolex buyers and sellers even use premiere online platforms like Swiss Luxe: The Luxury Watch Exchange based in Atlanta to buy, sell or trade their Rolexes and other luxury timepieces.

3. Consistent Quality

When a fan of Coca Cola unscrews the bottle cap and lifts the beverage to drink, the expected burst of flavor is already in the brain waiting to be experienced. The drink is always the same. The flavor of Coca Cola can be counted on to be exactly the same each and every time it is enjoyed.

Your product or service must provide the same consistency, allowing the consumer to know it is not going to let them down. Establish a custom and adhere to it. The consumer expects your product to be the same in every city, state, and country where it can be purchased. Consistency is an essential component of brand building.

4. Think Like A Consumer

We are all consumers of multiple products and services. Think about the reasons you prefer certain products and the company marketing aspects that influence you. What individual words or phrases come to mind when you use your favorite products? Do words like powerful, dependable, sexy, intelligent, satisfying, or unfailing pop into your head? Now think about your brand and list the words that define it.

Apply your conclusions to your own product and determine why it is preferable to a similar brand. Develop your brand tagline from the words and phrases that instill a perception in the mind of the consumer. A lighting manufacturer might choose a tagline line similar to "Lighting Your Way" or "Illuminating Your Life." The concept your tagline instills in the thinking of the consumer can inspire loyalty to your brand.

The Conclusion for Branding in 2015

Successful companies should put forth the effort to build a FRAND following by placing emphasis on knowing your consumer, building a unique identity, providing consistent quality and thinking like a consumer. If you find yourself in need of help, contact M16 Marketing to help you develop your FRAND base.

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