4 Not-So-Secret Secrets to Nail Down Your Unhealthy Eating and Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits Once and for All

Once firmly confident that you've nailed your new healthy habit down, begin again with a new goal. But the coolest thing about the success you just created? It's literally like fuel in your cells and psyche to drive you in creating success again and again.
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The thing that stumps most of us about creating great health and energy is we don't get that creating healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits is really more about shifting our thoughts, shifting our mindset, than it is about the perfect recipe. The pursuit of the next best diet, the next best healthy eating program, and even the next best recipe stays front and center, like the proverbial gerbil on the ever-spinning-gerbil -- wheel, without ever accessing the ginormous benefits that rise when vibrant health and soaring energy are achieved with approaches that produce results that last.

As a holistic health coach that's studied health and wellness, personal development and human potential for 25 years, I've learned over and over again that I can guide clients to healthy eating practices all day long, but without implementing strategies that I learned from the success experts, the results are more often than not short-lived.

Success experts know the secrets to producing results that last -- maybe not necessarily about health, but success is success, right?

I've discovered that the credos for success in any area of life can be applied to every area of life when we want to produce results.

Poor health and a lack of self-discipline led me to the world of health and self-discipline. Early in life I didn't know the majesty of accomplishment self-discipline offered. It just didn't exist on my radar.

But in 2006 I made the decision to own my health and my life in very new and meaningful ways and formed what I call "Save My Sass Incorporated." I was very clear that I needed to own my life, my health and my word to myself in ways that empowered me, so I chose one goal. I was new to goal setting at the time and had heard that it was best if I started with one goal -- nail it down, and grow my vision from there.

My one goal? I chose to juice fresh juice at least four mornings per week to see how it would impact my health and wellbeing. The success I created with that one goal set into motion a whole next-level life for me, from the whole next-level health I began to experience.

My daily commitment to juicing led to a whole-life transformation because of the enormous health benefits that one commitment triggered. Yes, that is when I began to notice a whole new horizon rising in front of me because I literally felt that much better. I now say to clients, it's like the 'stuff' that bothers you will simply fall off your radar if you follow my lead with healing your body and training your mind. I began to feel so good that I no longer even saw the "stuff" that used to trigger me.

I apply the following four "secrets" I learned from success experts like a religion in all areas of life. As I've learned over and over, these four 'success expert secrets' will help you nail down results in your health and in every area of your life.

1. Start with One
Choose one goal that is an absolute must for you. A goal that you know if you succeed in accomplishing, it would change your whole life. Chose a goal that causes you angst, preoccupies your thoughts, limits you, and impedes your full self-expression. For example, I chose juicing because I had been making inroads in healing my body for many years and though I felt like I had made significant progress, I intuitively knew I was not quite there yet. I kept reading about all the benefits of juicing, so I declared in 2006 that juicing was going to be my new, laser-focused objective. And the coolest thing, I felt so dang good from the healing benefits that it offers, I upped my commitment from the original four days per week to every day of the week.

2. Take Responsibility
Take on 100-percent responsibility for the one goal you choose. Put into place whatever systems you need to put in to ensure your success. In my case, I chose the juicer that was reported as "good," but "best" for efficiency. Since I was just starting, and since I knew I was going to have to add time to my day to make sure I successfully achieved my objective to make fresh juice, I opted for the tool that supported my success. My plan from the beginning was to upgrade to a better juicer once I firmly established my new routine, but I've not yet done that! Ha! Oh sure, I've bought a few new ones of the same model since my original purchase, but I found a juicer that meets all of my needs -- health, efficiency and success at achieving my goal every day.

3. Name the Stakes
Identify both what you will gain and what will you lose if you do not stay the course with this goal. This exercise alone offers the most revealing and powerful insights to fuel your success.

What will you gain if you achieve success in this area that has caused you angst, frustration or pain? What sorts of things will you now be able to achieve, to do, to even feel, if you succeed? How will achieving success impact the quality of your life? You really want to dig deep into these questions to find your leverage, your hunger for winning, to fuel you on the days excuses and reasons rise up to thwart your grander intentions.

You also want to ask what will you lose if you do not achieve success in this area that has caused you so much upset or despair? If you do not achieve this goal, what will it cost you, in your personal life, in your professional life, in your relationships? How does not having success in this area limit you? What do you not do any longer because this "thing" gets in your way? Emotionally? Financially? Physically? Dig deep on these questions too, the answers are your gold. Knowing why you want to achieve success in this area, knowing what you gain and what you lose are both "home run" tickets.

4. Start Again
Once firmly confident that you've nailed your new healthy habit down, begin again with a new goal. But the coolest thing about the success you just created? It's literally like fuel in your cells and psyche to drive you in creating success again and again. Once you've established evidence that you can do it, once you've begun to flex the muscle of winning, it becomes addictive. You will want to create success again and again, because you now know you can!

I've followed Darren Hardy for many years, and it's his equation for success that assures me these four steps are a sure-shot formula to create a winning game, "small, smart choices + consistency + time = radical difference."

I guide clients through mind-shift training programs to access their personal power, produce results, increase their productivity and higher income levels, success and happiness, by leveraging their health, vitality and energy as their greatest resource for creating a life they love.