4 Personal Laws To Implement Before Looking For Your New Mate

So you reached the dead end in your latest relationship. Again... To the extent that you're now wondering if you'll ever be with the right person. The truth is, if you've had one or more serious breakup, your journey to finding your perfect mate will likely require serious changes in the way you manage your love life. And the first one should be about your personal "laws." Simply put, personal laws are a set of rules that highlight how special you are, and... that you won't let any one break them! Here are 4 Personal Laws to Implement Before Looking For Your New Mate:


1. Zero tolerance for lies
The late Dr Maya Angelou had a wonderful saying: "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." If someone you are dating lies to you about her age, employment, past relationships, or anything else, this is a RED FLAG! We believe there is no such thing as a "white lie" when you're seeking to build a long-term relationship. A lie is a lie. Remember, too, whatever a relationship is built upon will determine what the whole relationship will be about.

2. Respect is a two-way street
Our space, our faith and our pace are to be honored, not questioned. What does that mean? It means that you should both expect to respect one another's circumstances if you want this to work. Do not be afraid to address your expectations, limitations and hopes for the relationship. In addition, seek to understand the expectations of the other party.

3. Meet each other's meaningful people IN DUE TIME
Who are the meaningful people in your life? Do you want them to have a great first impression of your new flame? And what about you? Don't you want to have the same impact on your mate's meaningful people? What this rule states is that both partners should meet each other's important people at a well-planned time and under appropriate conditions where there can be an authentic conversation. At the same time, keep in mind that there's no need to rush things or to improvise impromptu meetings with those VIPs. Curb your enthusiasm.


4. Don't rush into intimacy before you're ready
Postponing intimacy has become almost taboo in today's society. Please understand that we're not promoting abstinence here. Nor do we deny that physical attraction is one of the strongest forces of nature! What we're saying is that a healthy sex life is certainly part of a successful relationship. Besides, if you're in it for the long term, what's the rush?

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