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It is 12:30am and you are lying in your bed, wide awake. Maybe you are staring at the ceiling. Maybe you have your eyes closed while thoughts and visions race through your mind at 100 miles per hour. Your glance over at your clock and see the time change from 12:30 to 12:31. It seems like an hour has passed as you glance again and see the numbers read 12:34. You imagine how tired you are going to feel when your alarm goes off at 6:00am. This brings about even more worry and concern. You say to yourself “okay…I’m just going to shut my eyes and make myself go to sleep”. However, this just has the opposite effect as you feel even more awake and alert. You ruminate over and over again about problems, difficulties, challenges in your life, worrying about almost anything you can think of.

Insomnia Nightmare
Insomnia Nightmare

If this scenario is familiar to you, you know how frustrating and debilitating insomnia can be. What if I told you I have something that can help reduce or even eliminate insomnia and allow you to sleep soundly each and every night?
Hypnosis is simply put, a state of relaxed body and mind. It is important to point out that most of us know how to relax our bodies but have a much more difficult time relaxing our minds. During hypnosis, a person has heightened focus and concentration. The person can concentrate intently on a specific thought or memory while blocking out sources of distraction. What is even more exciting for insomniacs is that hypnosis allows you to focus on nothing! That’s right. Think of hypnosis as a switch that just allows your mind to shut down…and relax! Exactly what you need for a full night sleep!!

In addition, use these PROVEN STRATEGIES to help you regulate and improve your sleep patterns.

1. Exercise Regularly; Even moderate exercise for just a few minutes a day can help you fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly.

2. Keep A Regular Schedule; Go to bed and wake up at the same times each and every day (even weekends). A regular sleep schedule will help regulate your body’s internal clock.

3. Eliminate Alcohol and Stimulants Like Nicotine and Caffeine. Caffeine effects can last for several hours so the chances of it affecting sleep are significant. Alcohol initially will have a sedating effect but can lead to frequent arousals during the night causing non-restful sleep.

4. Reduce Stress; Stress is something we all deal with in some form and certain stressors can be more serious than others. It is important to clear your mind prior to bedtime in order to allow your body and mind to “shut down”. Meditation and hypnosis are very effective strategies to reduce stress and allow your mind to relax.

If you are looking to eliminate insomnia and improve your overall health, employ these proven strategies today and seek out a professional hypnotherapist in your area.

About The Author

David Wright is a certified Hypnotist who works alongside Hypnotist Richard Barker. He specializes in removing insomnia and other hypnosis subjects within the Detroit Area and most of Michigan. David R. Wright MA, LPC, NCC is the owner and Clinical Director of Counseling and Therapy Associates an outpatient mental health clinic in Taylor, Michigan. Mr. Wright is also known as the Motor City Hypnotist and helps clients with all types of issues including weight loss, anxiety, smoking cessation, insomnia and sports performance enhancement. Mr. Wright also performs comedy hypnosis stage shows for a variety of events.

Reach him at his website by clicking here

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