4 Reasons I Am Single and Happy


Why is it when a woman says she is single and 31 that something is wrong with her? I just do not get it! I can't understand it to save my life. Even men have bought into this idiotic theory that a woman that is 31 and single is mentally unstable. Well, I am sorry but it is not the case (although everyone has a little crazy in them). I am 31 and single because I choose to be.

Just thinking. I was at a thrift store and this lady told me, "you are too pretty to be single. You better lower your standards. Honey because the ratio of men to women is something else honey chile."

Why did she say that to me? Did she not know she was speaking to the the paper sack brown queen? I along with millions of unmarried women 31 and over say it is a choice. Just because we are single doesn't mean we are miserable. Furthermore, I know plenty of single wives... (they have their rings to sleep with at night).

So here are my four reasons I am single and happy.

First, I am preparing myself for marriage. I am getting rid of the baggage of past relationships, insecurities, etc. As well as achieving goals that could possibly add stress to a relationship in which they are better done as a single woman. So sweet darling please hold your tongue when you think to say to a single woman that she is sad because she is single. Not all women are looking for a better half. I am whole so I don't need to be a half on anything. Better yet,

I don't like the word "half," it gives the signal of something being incomplete and in search for any and everything to fill that void of the other half.

Secondly, there is a peace in the solo moments that are nurturing to the soul. It gives you time to know and study yourself. I finally learned how to embrace my solo moments when I traveled solo abroad too. (Read my post on Why women should travel abroad solo)

Thirdly, let freedom ring. I don't have to make decisions based on how it will influence others. It is priceless. I have the right to do what I want to do and it is so liberating. I don't have to argue or explain myself to anyone.

Finally, single is not a status. It is simply a 6 letter word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life. If you aren't happy single, you won't be happen in a relationship. Happiness comes from within. It is an internal characteristic. It does not come from men. Yes, I know there are some things that are better done with a partner but I will do those things when the time comes. I will never scream I am independent and don't need anyone but I can hold my own! In the mean time I will sip my green tea and prepare to be the person I wish to attract.

So stop asking me why am I single if you do not want me to ask how are you still in an unhealthy relationship. :

P.S. A man is not a hobby but a helpmate/helpmeet...If you did not know... soul ties are real so you can't tie your soul to every Rick James that you meet.

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