4 Reasons There are Plenty of New Things Under the Sun

You've heard it your whole life--There is nothing new under the sun. However, if that were true, there would be no search engine optimization. No Chipotle. And certainly no AirBnB, Uber, or blog monetization.

There are plenty of new things under the sun, which is great news for entrepreneurs in the making.

There are two potential avenues for being a successful entrepreneur. One is finding a better, faster way of doing something that already exists so that you effectively steal customers and clients from the existing "competition".  The other way is to create something totally unique.

The latter option is, of course, the more challenging and there's no guaranteed way to get there. You might have an epiphany, an a-ha moment, or find yourself scrambling to get on "Shark Tank" with your new idea before someone else dreams it up. Yes, you may be inspired by someone or something else, but inspiration alone doesn't mean your idea isn't a unique snowflake.

Here's the why behind all those new things and how you can capitalize on them for your venture:

 1. Countless discoveries are waiting

There's not much difference between "new" and "undiscovered". There was a time when everyone believed the earth was flat, when species hadn't been stumbled upon by humans, and when blood-letting was a cure for just about any ailment. Just imagine how many things still haven't been discovered--yet. If you're the one to unearth a new discovery, that could be an entrepreneurial venture in the making.

2. With new technologies come new possibilities

for a moment: It's a highly lucrative field that didn't exist just a few years ago. Before the internet, there was no SEO. Before Google, there was basically no SEO since it's the go-to algorithm to please. As other "new" things are created or discovered, that opens up the doors to other "new" complementary fields, industries and experts. You don't need to "invent" the internet in order to make a killing off it. Here is the
I could put together for those that are looking to get into this industry but failing.

3. Failures showcase new pathways

Whether it's your failure or the failure of someone else, with every wrong move, new pathways are discovered. Thomas Edison
before effectively creating the light bulb and credits each of those failures in moving him closer to success. You need to know what doesn't work in order to figure out what does. Fortunately, you can learn from the failures of others as well as your own.

Knowledge yields newness

Humans are constantly learning more--and there's a lot left to learn. There was a time when cosmetic dentistry (at least good cosmetic dentistry!) didn't exist. (There was also a time when barbers doubled as dentists!). As the human race as a whole learns more, researches more, and engages in more trial and error, "new" inventions will continue to emerge.

Don't let perceived brick walls and glass ceilings stop you from becoming the entrepreneur you want to be. Maybe you're an inventor in the making. Maybe you just have a different way of looking at things. There are always firsts, discoveries, and different options for the taking.