4 Reasons to Put Your Phone Down (NOW!)

The technological innovations that have allowed us to be constantly connected to one another are brilliant. That being said, your smart phone should not be attached to you 100 percent of the time. Being in constant communication with everyone can be rather daunting and evidently stressful. The expectation to respond to someone within a very short period of time is inescapable in today's world. Therefore, removing this technological connection every once in a while can be beneficial for your overall health and lower your stress levels.


If you feel like your phone has become an extension of your hand this is not necessarily a good thing. You should not feel like your phone is controlling you!


For those who need further convincing below is a list of just four reasons to put down your phone (NOW!).

1. You offend the people you are with when you are on your phone all the time.

It is no fun to try and have a conversation with someone who is constantly staring at their iPhone screen. Perhaps you are deeply interested in the conversation you are having -- however this is not what you convey as you are seemingly preoccupied by your phone screen.


2. Looking up from your phone screen could help you connect with the real people around you!

Face-to-face contact is important in order to make real lasting connections. Yes, online dating sites can be successful. However, putting your phone down and engaging in the world around you might make you notice someone you never saw before.

Remember: Despite Siri's sassy remarks to your forward loving advances, Siri does not having feelings for you -- loving or otherwise. Do not take it personally that Siri does not love you back. You are not Joaquin Phoenix in the movie Her, and you should not want to be him. (Spoiler alert: He ends up heartbroken and a little depressed.)

Look up from your phone, engage with the people around you and you maybe be surprised at the connections you will make! Even if your not looking for love being constantly on your phone makes you seem unavailable to people around you. Making friends is much easier when you are not sucked into your smart phone.


3. You miss things when you're constantly on the phone!

This one is easy to explain.


"Did you see that purple elephant?!?!?"

"No... What? Where is it?"

"Oh it is gone now. You must have missed it!"

"Shoot I was on my phone!"


4. When you become attached to your phone it becomes slightly addictive!

Addiction is bad! Too much of anything is never a good thing, and even though I try and remind myself of this as I eat ice cream, it can easily be applied to phone usage as well. As you become more and more attached to your phone, it becomes harder to be without it. Being unavailable sometimes is important, as it can open up time for you to think without constant interruption.


Toss that thing away and enjoy the real world around you. Trust me you'll feel better!