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4 Reasons Why Traveling Is Important If You Are Fed Up With Your Job

Here are four reasons why traveling is the best move that you can make-especially if you are ready to turn in your resignation letter at work.
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Are you a VIP member of the "I loathe Monday" club because you aren't living the life that you want?

If you are spending over 40 hours a week at a job that doesn't make your heart skip a beat with excitement or you aren't learning skills that you can transfer to your dream career, you are wasting valuable time.

As I've gotten older, I've become keenly aware that no matter how successful you are or how much money you make, the one thing none of us can accumulate more of is time: time is an asset that you want to capitalize.

So here is what you should consider doing. Go online and book a flight to a destination where you have never been before. Now I completely understand how you might be feeling if you've lived a certain way all of your life. Jumping the bandwagon to travel the world may be frightening: who knows what will happen? But that's the beauty of traveling the world. The possibilities are endless.

Here are four reasons why traveling is the best move that you can make-especially if you are ready to turn in your resignation letter at work.

Traveling Will Replenish Your Energy

You don't want to search for your next job filled with negative energy. Chances are, you won't get the next job because you are focused on the unpleasant feelings seen in your current job-and it's written all over your face. You need to build yourself up with positive energy and traveling is the perfect remedy to rebuild a tainted soul. Traveling will introduce you to new ways of living, giving you something exciting to look forward to every morning. The opportunities to meet different people, taste foreign foods, and explore new sites will keep you on your toes and allow you to see life in a different way. This is the energy that you will need to get back into the job market or start your new path of entrepreneurship.

Traveling Will Help You Spread Your Career Wings

You don't want to be kicked to the curb by your employer only to find out you are lacking skills that could make you valuable in the marketplace. Traveling gives you the opportunity to test the waters without penalty-volunteer at places of interest to help you identify the skills that you will need in order to provide solutions in the industry of your choice. Once you identify those skills, you can exchange services with community locals who will mentor and guide you on your journey. You may also gain unexpected exposure to possible careers that weren't even stored in your mental career inventory. While talking to someone behind you in a line or riding public transportation to a new location, you may even find someone living a life that combines everything you want in a career. You never know what career possibilities you will be introduced too. Sometimes you just have to get outside of your self-limiting career beliefs in order to find out how you can design a career around your passions, gifts, and talents.

Traveling Will Change Your Focus

If you are focused on the hardship you experience on your job, you may go to work tomorrow with your boss yelling at you or your coworker pointing out a simple mistake that you made. But if you are on an exotic island surrounded by beautiful pink sand beaches, brightly colored marine life, and scents of blossoming frangipani trees, do you think you will even care what's going on at work? You wont and you shouldn't. When you change your focus, you have the opportunity to boost your creative juices that were once held back by day-to-day stress you experience on the job. And when you unleash the chains of your creativity, you may be inspired to create the next million-dollar idea that can change your life and the lives of those around you.

Traveling Will Restore Your Confidence

A job that forces you to question your value and self-worth can stifle your growth. You want to leave, but you don't know who else will accept you. Every time you think about hitting the submit button on a new job application, you start to think of every reason why you might not be qualified. This is a sign that you need a confidence booster ASAP! Nothing boosts your confidence faster than traveling to a foreign place and navigating a new environment. These unfamiliar situations that you conquer can all leave you with unflappable confidence that will make you unstoppable in the workplace. If you can climb steep mountains, eat foreign foods, and immerse yourself in an environment where you can not speak the language, what can't you do? Next time you are interviewing for a new opportunity, you won't even stutter trying to discuss your strengths: you will eagerly share exciting stories and new skills that you have developed-skills that any company that values a solutions-oriented leader with an understanding of diverse cultures will appreciate.

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