4 Reasons Your Business Should Consider AdWords Paid Search Marketing

Consumers can quickly research and purchase the products and services they are interested in thanks to Google -- making it very important that you put your brand right in front of them when they are searching for the products or service that you sell.

A successful online marketing campaign contains several strategies, one being paid search. If you haven't given paid search a try yet or if you are on the fence still then take a minute to read through the follow four reasons that your business should start an AdWords campaign.

1. AdWords allows you to position your brand directly in front of your target customer

Consumers turn to Google when they want something. If you sell designer sunglasses don't you want to be seen by someone that is actively searching and looking to buy a pair of designer sunglasses online? Paid search marketing allows you to target buyers 24/7. With a properly set up AdWords campaign you can generate sales and revenue while you sleep and your business is closed. This type of expose and revenue generation, even when a physical business location is closed, provides excellent growth opportunity.

2. Paid search is customizable and targeted

Imagine if you created a print advertisement -- you would have to create a very generalized message. You can't target just one of the many products or services that you sell because you don't want to eliminate a potential customer.

Paid search allows you to create an endless amount of customized ads, each targeting a specific product or service. Do you sell thousands of items? Not a problem -- create ads that specifically target each product in your inventory. This allows you to market directly to people that are searching for the exact item you are selling. For companies with thousands of SKU's this type of ultra-targeted marketing is key. AdWords is a great way to attract customers that are ready to purchase immediately.

3. Paid search complements SEO

Just because SEO can take some time to produce results it doesn't mean you should sit there idle and wait for the organic results to kick in. With paid search you can gain top visibility almost immediately. This produces instant leads, sales and revenue for your business. As long as you have the budget to compete you can drive targeted traffic to your website almost instantly.

When your organic visibility increases due to the search engine optimization effort you will have both areas covered. When consumers see a business occupying both the organic and paid real estate on Google it gives the impression that the business is extremely relevant.

4. AdWords accounts provide valuable data

Running an AdWords campaign allows you to target specific keywords and search terms. You can then analyze your data and identify the keywords that produce the highest conversion rates and then use that information in your SEO effort. If a specific keyword is producing amazing results via paid search then it would be a good idea to attempt to rank your website for the term organically as well.

You can also take the data from your AdWords campaign and Google Analytics account to analyze the conversion path your traffic takes. This can help you improve your funnel and identify areas that can be improved to increase your overall conversion rates.

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