4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Be Online

4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Be Online
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Small business owners typically make the mistake of keeping their business small. What I mean by this is that they think small and operate small and therefore they get small results. In today's world there is no reason for a small business to have the mindset nor presence of a small business. Reason being is because the internet gives us access to so many different opportunities. Unfortunately, many small businesses let these opportunities pass them by because they place a ceiling over their growth and operations.

How many of you reading this today have a strong online presence and are successfully running your business online in order to extend your reach beyond your surrounding community? If you are not doing so then what is your excuse? You have none and I am going to tell you why:

A. Web-hosting is not Expensive
Creating a website for your business is the first step to developing your business's presence online. How often do you go online in order to verify a business's reputation or check the reviews of a product that you plan on purchasing? Odds are that you do it all the time and interested customers are doing the same when it comes to your business.

Therefore, you must have a website that effectively communicates what your business does and how your business provides value to its customers. Getting webhosting for your business is not expensive at all. Once you have a place to host your website and it is designed to effectively inform your intended audience; you position yourself to gain your initial traction in the online marketplace.

B. Social Media Grants Access
Social media gives you the ability to be connected to 10 people or to millions of people. It is all dependent on the message you put out to be consumed and the persistence/ effectiveness of the strategy your business uses in order to build an engaged following.

Having an engaged social media following helps to build enthusiasm about your business, which means the potential for that enthusiasm to be spread exponentially. One follower on your social media account can lead to a 6/ 7 figure deal based off of the information you share on your social media accounts. But that can never be a possibility for your business if it just has the ineffective Facebook business page that remains empty or provides no real value.

C. Writing & Videos Help to Establish Your Authority
How many people go on YouTube or read various blogs/ websites in order to learn something new? People do it all the time and they follow those individuals who they identify as being an authority on certain subjects within these various platforms of communication. Being identified as an authority means your opinion matters and people tend to follow your lead when it comes to different aspects of their business or personal life.

My blog and guest blogging on different sites has helped me gain access to different opportunities that would never have been realized if I remained using the same average strategy of those who I compete against. Establishing myself as an authority has helped me gain access to different opportunities; such as new clients and partnering with other people who have the same passion for entrepreneurship as I have. This has only occurred because I continually demonstrate my knowledge and experience about entrepreneurship and help guide people to producing successful results.

D. Ecommerce is Growing Consistently
Business is increasingly being done online and will eventually overtake brick and mortar business transactions. Your site has to be set up to easily sell your products and services, instead of being complicated and distracting from the point of sale.

Look at how many legitimate people have successful online empires. It is because they understand how to demonstrate their immense value and by doing so, people willingly want to become their customers. But, they understand you must make the ability to become a customer easy by constantly directing interested people to the offer in place. These tools of direction are: pop-up windows offering free resources, email signups offering detailed information, and various other tools that can be utilized to inform people about the value you can provide for them.

If your business is not online then you are negating your ability to effectively compete amongst the competition in order to succeed. Success is only created when you give yourself the ability to make it a realization. Your business must be positioned to win and having a strong online presence is a major factor in enhancing your ability to succeed in your efforts.