4 Steps To Enrich Your Life

4 Steps To Enrich Your Life
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"Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot.
In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

Oscar Wilde

Education may have taught you to get the right qualifications, a good job and then you would enjoy the benefits of a comfortable life, doing what you want to do - happy with the people around you. That was not the way my life unfolded. So what if there were another way? What if Have, Do, Be could be reversed to Be, Do, Have. The "having" becomes a lesser priority.

Life experiences have taught me that being true to, and at peace with, myself is where I start. Then happiness in relationships and success in my vocation come more naturally as an outcome.

There are those, and I am one, who hold the view that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I find that the human spirit we each are is truly remarkable, How can you activate your spirit and engage with life in ways that are more enriching, rewarding and fulfilling?

The Science of Getting Rich was written by Wallace D Wattles in the 19th Century. The approach he offers applies to receiving material wealth. However, it can be applied equally well to any aspect of your health, wealth (well-being) and happiness.

"To receive, you must be active, Keep in mind your purpose.
You will receive in direction proportion to:
Your clarity of vision
Your definiteness of purpose
The steadiness of your faith
The depth of your gratitude"

If you have not already read it, I recommend Russell Bishop's last post when he poses the question: What do you want out of life, really?

You could apply the answer you receive to these 4 steps:


Envisage yourself experiencing what you really want for yourself. More fulfilment in an important relationship? A vocation that is true to you? Peace of mind, effective communications with co-workers, healthier patterns of eating, sleeping or exercise?

See yourself in the picture. Feel, hear, touch and taste what that would be like for you. Take some quiet time to contemplate the richness of your vision.

You might like to write it down, record it or go for a walk and allow the vision to become clearer for you. Ask to be shown more details in your dreams. Be open to the ways you may be guided in your vision and how you can realize it.


Ask yourself the question: Why? Why is your vision important and meaningful for you? How will it be serving yourself, others? Knowing your purpose will help to keep you on track amid all the distractions that life can throw your way.

Your purpose is like a light on your path, to guide you and keep you moving along it.

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

Henry David Thoreau


Act as if the purpose were being fulfilled; you are already enjoying living in the vision. Acting "as if" gives a way to overcome doubt. You may find yourself drawing on your reserves of courage, and in the process experience greater vitality and freedom than you have ever known.

Commenting recently, fellow blogger Kari Henley demonstrates how she took action with faith:

"Yet, when I decided to leave an unhappy marriage, pregnant with a toddler in tow, no money and no family nearby, I acted on sheer faith. I trusted that inner voice that was screaming, "It will be OK- just do it." And, one miracle after another fell into my lap. I followed the "synchronicities" as my guide I was on the right path. When I get that tingle on my arms, and lurch in my stomach, I know it is a sign."

"Faith is a passionate intuition."
William Wordsworth


Education in life is about understanding. Training is about putting what you know into practice. I have known for a while that being grateful is a "good thing". How can you make being grateful a way of being?

For the past several months, I have been writing at least 5 gratitude statements in my journal each evening. Being grateful for what I have seems to attract to me more to be grateful for.

I am even grateful for when things do not go my way because I am learning to assume that everything is working out for the best. It is amazing how that seems to happen. Gratitude is a great attitude.

Commenting last week, this person illustrates gratitude:

"Gratitude in God is powerfully healing, and I mean that in a genuine sense. 31 years ago I got in a motorcycle accident and ended up walking with a limp for a few weeks. While thanking God for allowing me to continue to walk, thinking if limping was the worst that came out the accident rather than having a leg amputated or mutilated - I could handle it and was thankful. While deep in that thought I remember taking one extra step and was no longer limping. I was totally healed. God is indeed power . BTW, I DON'T GO TO CHURCH or belong to an organized religion."

"Abundance through Spirit is available to all.
Spirit is a constantly expansive, available energy that is dynamically present.
It is up to each individual to keep the 'well' or channel open
to receive of the blessings of abundance."


The Science of Getting Rich is freely available on the internet. If you would like a pdf copy, please contact me at the address below.

What does enrichment mean for you? What are some of the ways your enrich yourself? Have you recently found a new purpose for fulfilling your life? I would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to comment below, or contact me at clearresults@mac.com.

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