4 Steps to Kick-Start Personal Growth

Growth. Change. Transformation.
It isn’t easy, but it’s something so many of us desire. At some point in your life, you’ll look around and ask yourself “How did I get here?” and realize that you aren’t living the life you desire. That realization is an opportunity, but many people don’t take advantage of that opportunity.


When you reach that point in your life where you realize you want to experience something different, you can do one of two things: focus on all the things that aren’t going right, or focus on how you can make things go right. The key is to shift your gaze onto the life you truly desire so you can begin taking action towards making that life your reality.


But how?
It’s so easy to get stuck in that place of simply desiring change. It’s a lot tougher to be the one creating change because you’ll be challenging yourself to do something different and new, and that’s when fear kicks in. But know that it is possible… it is possible to create change that will help you design that life you truly desire.

All you need to do is begin your journey to personal growth, and here are 4 steps to help you make that happen:


STEP ONE: Acknowledge and accept where you are.

This is the moment where you come face-to-face with the reality of your life. Where are you versus where you want to be? What is your present situation and how did you get here? Take inventory of your life and acknowledge all that is, and all that you wish to change. Once you do that, come to acceptance with where you are. Change cannot take place until you learn to accept your life as it is. This in no way means you must be happy with where you’re at, you simply have to accept that it is what it is so you can stop denying the truth that stands before you.


STEP TWO: Take ownership.

Ownership is powerful. The moment you take ownership is the moment you gain back the power to create change. No more placing blame. No more pointing the finger. It’s time for you to realize the power you’ve held this entire time, and acknowledge the role that you’ve played in your life. Take ownership of your experiences, for your choices, and for everything that has led you to where you stand today. Through this ownership, you’ll realize just how powerful you are. If you had the power to create the life you live today―-this life that you are unhappy with―-imagine what you could create by making different choices.


STEP THREE: Believe that it is possible.

You can try to change all you want, but if you don’t believe that the life you desire is possible, you won’t ever achieve it. You have to shift into the conviction that you can and will create a life you truly love. You have to believe that all that you desire is possible. If there is a seed of self-doubt within you, it will hinder you from your growth. Your mindset is responsible for your ability to make it happen. Believe it, and you will achieve it.


STEP FOUR: Do the work.

This may sound obvious, but this is where many people fall short. Nothing changes until you change, and change requires taking action. Is it scary? Yes! But it’s possible. Focus on creating small, incremental changes each day. Growth won’t happen overnight, but with daily action, it will happen. If you get overwhelmed with where or how to begin, just start by asking this one question: “What’s one thing I can do today that will help me align with the life I desire?” And do that one thing!

Personal growth isn’t easy, but it’s totally possible. The life you truly desire can and will be yours, but you have to do the work. When you realize that you crave change in your life, use that realization as an opportunity to create the changes you seek. Kick-start your personal growth with these 4 steps and you’ll be on your way to designing a life you love.

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