4 Steps To Meet Autumn Energized

Are you ready to meet the Autumn head on? Refreshed, renewed and full of energy?


At the moment you might not feel that renewed and reignited energywise(summer holidays with children, spouse and extended family IS draining), but trust me, it’s easier than you’d think.


There’s actually only 4 steps standing between you and that energized dreamstate you so desperately seek.


And I’m going to reveal them to you now.


STEP 1: Declutter

Everybody says this is so important, and so will I. It’s SO important.


The reason is that when you let go of things that you never use, that’s outgrown, broken or otherwise just take up place, you make room for new energy to flow.


Whether you believe that items have an impact on your life or not, you’ll have to admit that it feels easier to breathe in a room that’s not cluttered.


A place where you don’t stumble in all the toys or dirty clothes.


It’s possible to have this dream state without being a neat freak. The truth is, it will take some hours off your hands when you start the process… The reward you gain will be worth it though.


STEP 2: Clean

Oh yes! The good ol cleaning is back.


But not with all kinds of soaps and fancy equipment.


No, the only thing you need is vinegar, liquid dish soap, water and some cloths or outworn t-shirts ripped in pieces.


You’ll be surprised of how many stains that disappears with this method, and you’ll definitely be amazed of how dirty your home actually is.


You’ll also be embarrassed that you haven’t done this sort of cleaning before...


STEP 3: Debt

It’s time to face the evil villain.


Open those bills, contact your creditors, combine small loans into one bigger. Ask for a lower interest rate on your mortgage.


Cook more meals at home. Bring your own lunch instead of buying in the cafeteria.


Grocery shopping should always be done on a full stomach and only once a week, so you need to plan your meals.


No more denial, from now it’s onwards and upwards!


STEP 4: Money Overhaul

Money is a big issue in life.


Much more than just debt.


It’s income, it’s discounts, it’s savings, it’s insurance.


But at the same time it’s just a trading symbol. You give me some item, and I give you money in return. You give money away and get food in return.


Like a chain reaction.


And as much as we don’t want to be a slave of the money, we as a society has made ourselves totally dependent on it.


What we can do though, is take back the control.


Don’t chase money, there’s enough to go around in the world anyway. But learn your numbers, learn how to budget and use them right. Set aside money for unexpected bills (because they will come).


And allow yourself to spend some money just on yourself from time to time. It doesn’t have to be much. For myself, I buy a Magazine now and then. It’s just a couple of $, but it makes me feel great.

So there you go - 4 steps to get more energized as the Autumn is creeping up on us all.

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