4 Tech Trends That Prove We're About to Be Living in the Future

From smartphones to electric cars, you may already be amazed by the technology that surrounds your daily life. If you're amazed because it feels like you're already living in a sci-fi movie, just wait until you hear these four jaw-dropping tech trends...

1. Virtual Reality

It's predicted that virtual reality will have its first billion-dollar year in 2016. That's "billion", with a "B"! It's not surprising, think about all the new virtual reality tech that's coming out these days - Occulus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and even Google Cardboard. What makes virtual reality really amazing is the ways it's currently being used. We've all seen how Facebook is starting to use 360 video to create more immersive video content but startup Rukkus is taking that one step further. They are using virtual reality to allow people to get a virtual experience of their exact seat at a sports arena or concert venue before purchasing their ticket.

2. Genetic Testing

In 2007 it cost 1 million dollars to have your DNA sequenced. In 2009, that number dropped to $48,000. Today, it costs less than $1,000 to have you DNA sequenced. Why is DNA sequencing important? Imagine a medical test that allows you to take a glimpse into your future and see possible health risks. This gives you the ability to fight off any issues before they ever happen. In addition, it tells you if you are a carrier of any diseases that you could pass on to your children.

3. Advanced Machine Learning

Just recently, an advanced algorithm known as "AlphaGo" went head to head in a match with one of the worlds best Go players and won three out of five matches. This might not seem newsworthy - we've all been beat by the computer in a game of chess - except a game of Go is like chess on steroids. Sometimes expert Go players make moves depending on a gut feeling, not because of a statistical advantage, but because there are so many different combinations of moves they literally cannot memorize them all. In the future, we may be able to harness this type of AI to solve complex mathematical and statistical problems that humans haven't been able to yet.

4. Drones

On the surface, it could look like drones are just another fade. What can you really do with them besides film or race them? As of right now, that's all you can do. However, the future of drones has much more in store. Big organizations like Amazon are ramping up to utilize drones for shipping purposes. Check out their latest demo here. Imagine purchasing something online and having it delivered in a matter of hours, rather than days.