4 Things You’ll Need When Traveling to CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of the biggest events of the year. If you’re a geek, gadget freak, or techno nut, you’ll be planning to attend. Once you’ve made your airline reservations and booked a hotel, you’ll need to gear up. Here’s my tips.


We start with luggage because packing requires that you have something to put your stuff in. Normal, everyday luggage might do for the average traveler, but for CES, you’ll need the techno bling. Go with Barracuda because they’ve got everything. Check it out: they have collapsable storage when not in use, a built-in laptop tray so you aren’t getting neck pains in some crap terminal seat, and the best carrying/dragging handle you’ll ever see.

Now for the tech. You can opt to have luggage tracking built into your Barracuda so you can use your smartphone to locate it at all times. There’s also a built-in USB charger with a 10,000 mAh battery for recharging on the go. You need this stuff. Plus if you get a Barracuda now, a luggage scale is included free of charge so you’re never overweight.

Computer Bag

Next to the luggage you’ll be needing for your clothes and gear is the laptop bag you’ll need for the flight. This is where your electronics get stored and it’d better be up to par. I’m a huge fan of the Boa Shift bag from Booq. I’m waiting on a new one right now. You can size it for your notebook, but every Boa Shift has an elastic smartphone pocket, a protective notebook pocket, lots of document/book storage, and interior accessory pockets for storing cords and plugs. Side pockets are great for quick-grab items like a candy bar or comb. An accessory pouch is also included for keeping small things in their own “don’t spread around the bottom of my backpack” container. Plus if your bag is lost and found, its unique serial number makes it easy to identify.

Cords and Plugs

Obviously, once you have the storage thing contained (ha!), you’ll need plenty of ways to plug in your devices for charging. You can get cheap cords from the corner store, I guess, but my experience says that those have a tendency to fail when you have no option for replacement at hand. I go with the more premium Native Union Cosmos Cable Collection for my needs. These are not only some of the most robust cables you can get, they are tough enough you can use them as tie downs. No joke. They’re awesome.

Lock It Up

Speaking of all this gear, you’ve got some investment going on. Between the computer, tablet, and all of their accessories plus the data contained on them.. That’s a lot to lose. So lock it up with TSA-approved locks. I really like the eGeeTouch lock, which pairs with my smartwatch (or phone) to open on command. It otherwise stays shut unless a backup code is used. This lock won the Red Dot Design award this year for good reason.

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