4 Tips for Balancing a Full Time Job and a Side Gig

4 Tips for Balancing a Full Time Job and a Side Gig
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Side Hustles are one of my favorite methods of making extra money, and I love encouraging others to start up a side hustle. My blog, L Bee and the Money Tree, originally began as a side hustle and l never imagined that it would eventually become my full time job....three years after I began blogging.

That being said, I've been extremely lucky in that I was able to grow my side business into a full-time endeavor.Click here to see how to start a blog, or here to learn how I made $50k from my blog side hustle.

But I remember those days all too well. When I was still working a 9-5 marketing job in an office, blogging was both an escape and a burden.

There were days that I just didn't have the motivation to write after already working all day. My work-life balance became more of a work-work balance. I wasn't doing too great managing, so both areas suffered and I was tired....80% of the time.

But the plus side is that I definitely learned a few awesome tricks to pass on for those who are still in the "balancing a full-time job and side hustle" phase. It can be done, and you can even have a life and time with loved ones if you do it right!

Get Organized

Whether it's designating a certain room in your home for side hustle work or just keeping a desk calendar with both full and part time deadlines on it, being organized will seriously increase your productivity.

It also allows you to separate the two different workspaces. For me, a home office kept me working instead of just lounging around the living room with my puppy. It was a space where I could focus and avoid distractions in my own home.

Set Aside Time

Do you work better at night or on the weekend? Are there days that you just can't bring yourself to work on your side hustle? Finding out what times and days you work best can help so much with keeping motivated (as well as avoiding the dreaded procrastination). When I worked full time, Sunday afternoons became my "blog time" when I could write and do administrative tasks for my blog. Even though I'm my own boss now, I still work on Sunday afternoons. After all those years it just feels so natural and routine.

Create a Content Calendar for Your Website

For bloggers, a content calendar is a godsend and is something you should be doing every month (in my opinion.) If you run a small business or online store, calendars can help you complete priority tasks.

The concept is simple: make a list of what content you need each week/month/quarter and when it needs to be completed by.

As much as deadlines remind me of college, sometimes you just need to light a fire under your booty.

The good thing about calendars with a side hustle is that it allows you to work forward instead of coming up with posts off-the-cuff or having to read through dozens of emails and orders to find what should be the priority.

If you know what you need to accomplish you can get right to work. Finish early and still feeling energized? You know what needs to be done next! What I like most about this is that it takes the pressure off of days that you just don't feel motivated. If you work ahead you aren't stressing over taking the night off.

Unplug at least once a week

I mean it, and this is very important, particularly when it comes to avoiding burnout. If you work more than 40 hours a week between your job and side hustle, designate at least one day where you completely unplug from both your full time job AND your side hustle. This "free" day is important for you to rest and recharge, mentally and emotionally.

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