4 Tips For Taming Your Hair While Traveling

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I expected a lot of difficulties before setting off on a three year travel expedition but one thing I didn't plan for was the difficulties that my hair would give me. Amongst all of the pre-travel worries relating to getting lost, mugged, missing flights and losing luggage, taming your hair may seem trivial but as a traveling woman, it affected each and every day. From causing discomfort and being an annoyance to lowering levels of confidence and hating the way I looked in photos, I began to learn some tips and tricks to remedy these situations. From me to you, here are some of the top tips for taming your hair that I picked up while on the road.

School Yourself on Some Up-dos

I never was one to get really crafty with my hair. Leaving it loose was always my go-to style and one that I grew to love. However, while constantly on the go, lugging around a backpack and popping in and out of public transport, my long and free-flowing locks became quite the hassle. Throwing it up in a simple pony tail or messy bun would have been fine if it didn't look so awful in all of my photos and make me feel a whole lot less confident when meeting other travelers. Sick and tired of looking my worst, I headed to the wonderful world of Youtube and Pinterest to get some instruction on up-do's that would be stylish, yet practical for traveling. I mastered the braided crown and the fishtail braid and kept adding more styles onto my list each week.

Get a Manageable Color Before Traveling

Always a fan of getting my hair colored, I was worried about what would happen once I took off abroad and wouldn't have access to my usual stylist. Frequently getting high maintenance dye jobs, I realized that I would have to tone it down a bit if I wanted my hair to look presentable while traveling. I scoured the internet to find low maintenance looks, found this gorgeous photo of Alessandra Ambrosio Balayage's hair and figured it would be easy to keep up with once I left my home turf. Not only was I right about the limited upkeep but I also kept the photo so that I could easily show stylists in the other countries I went to when I needed a touch up.

Bring Some Accessories

Traveling is time consuming business and I didn't always have the time to properly style (or even wash) my hair. These situations called for some accessories that I made sure to keep handy. I used a couple of thick headbands and even hats to help me get through the potentially horrific hair days. They weighed almost nothing, looked stylish and allowed me some breathing room when I wanted to look good but didn't have the time to style.

Utilize Dry Shampoo

For all of you who find it extremely difficult to keep up with hair washing while on the road, dry shampoo can be an absolute dream. I started carrying a bottle with me at all times to avoid that greasy hair look that comes with constant travel and no place to shower. It helped me last longer without washing and made me feel and look much cleaner than I actually was.

Do you have a tip for taming your hair while traveling?