4 Key Principles To Become A Mental "Warrior" Of Life And Business With Mark Divine

Mark Divine epitomizes what human beings are capable of if we can just harness the amazing power of our minds. This "Unbeatable Mind," as he calls it, is the key to mastery in life and business, and ultimately the key to long-term success.
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We recently sat down to interview Mark Divine of SealFIT. For those who don't know Mark Divine, let me lay it out for you...

The man is a former Navy SEAL (graduated #1 in his class), Wall Street C.P.A., Black Belt in martial arts, Yoga master, multi-million dollar business owner, Best-Selling Author of three books, and an all around bad-ass! The guy is basically a modern day Superman. No joke.

Mark epitomizes what human beings are capable of if we can just harness the amazing power of our minds. This "Unbeatable Mind," as he calls it, is the key to mastery in life and business, and ultimately the key to long-term success.

Mark believes that you can train the mind to "embrace the suck," another one of his terms, to make anything fun and enjoyable. He reiterates that his ability to embrace the suck is what actually helped him to breeze through the Hell Week portion of Navy SEALS boot camp and graduate as honor man (#1) in his class.

For those of you who don't really know what Hell Week is like for the Navy SEALS, here's a description for you straight from NavySEALS.com:

"Hell Week consists of 5 1/2 days of cold, wet, brutally difficult operational training on fewer than four hours of sleep. Hell Week tests physical endurance, mental toughness, pain and cold tolerance, teamwork, attitude, and your ability to perform work under high physical and mental stress, and sleep deprivation. Above all, it tests determination and desire. On average, only 25% of SEAL candidates make it through Hell Week, the toughest training in the U.S. Military. It is often the greatest achievement of their lives, and with it comes the realization that they can do 20X more than they ever thought possible. It is a defining moment that they reach back to when in combat. They know that they will never, ever quit, or let a teammate down."

The most amazing thing, however, is that Mark says that anyone can train themselves to be this way. When we can train our mind to think a certain way regardless of external circumstances we are capable of so much more than we ever thought possible.

So, how does he do it? Here are four tips to help you get started:

1. Breath Control - Controlling the breath helps to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to shut off the "fight vs. flight" response. Mark recommends "box breathing," which he talks more about in his book The Way of the SEAL. When one can control their breathing, they can control their thoughts, their physiology, and ultimately their response to any external circumstance no matter what it is.

2. Positive Internal Dialogue - The language we use with our self-talk determines our physical state, which determines our external results. Have a clear vision of the mission you want to accomplish and speak life and positivity into that vision with your internal dialogue. Be intentional. The body will respond to what the mind says.

3. Powerful Imagery - Mark once did a 45 minute plank hold. He made it through by envisioning himself as a steal beam and repeating the mantra "Easy day, we got this" to himself over and over. He also says that he can help almost anyone do this. It's not a matter of the body but of the mind, and the pictures we hold in our minds during certain situations of high pressure or stress that cause people to think they can't do it. Wow.

4. Creating Micro Goals - Train the mind to be present-moment focused. Focus on what's in front of you, not the entire journey ahead. Give your full attention to the present moment.

Practicing these techniques with both discipline and consistency will lead to total Self-Mastery, which is the first key to achieving massive results, says Mark. When we go through tough times, it's such an opportunity for us to strengthen our minds, bodies and emotions. We are capable of achieving so much more.

Lastly, Mark says that in order to truly receive lasting results and happiness in all areas of life, we must merge our heart with our actions. The critical mind cannot be fully relied upon to follow our true paths. We must look into our hearts and let them guide us. When we let go of the mental chatter and look deep within, difficult answers often become quite clear.

Follow that nudge within, practice these principles consistently, and watch how much more you begin to tap into your true potential.

Want to learn even more from Mark? Watch the full pow fuller-packed interview here: Interview with Seal Fit Founder Mark Divine

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