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4 Untold Secrets to an Epic Life

Don't believe the lies you are being fed. The following are four untold secrets to an epic life.
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We are constantly bombarded with ads telling us what success and fulfillment look like. We are conditioned to believe fame and fortune will bring us happiness. We are flooded with messaging that says a new car, a bigger house, or an exotic vacation will lead to an epic life. This is simply not true.

At the end of our life, we won't remember things. We will remember people that encouraged us when we were down. We will remember moments when hard work paid off. We will remember family gatherings and dinners with friends.

Don't believe the lies you are being fed. The following are four untold secrets to an epic life.

1.It's Not About You

Pleasing yourself may bring moments of happiness, but long-term joy comes in service to others. A life without regrets involves using your talents and possessions to help others. The foundation of an epic life is built on our relationships and those that we help or encourage.

It sounds backwards, but the more you help others, the more you help yourself. Who can you help that needs a little encouragement or support? If your dream life doesn't involve other people, your dream isn't big enough.

2. Passion is Powerful

Passion is the fuel that drives fulfillment. Passion pushes you to continue taking action when others quit. When you passionately pursue your desires, difficulty and pain are only viewed as temporary setbacks.

What is the one thing you wish you could accomplish? Pursue your desire with a white-hot passion. The resources and partnerships you need will appear because passion is magnetic. The more passionate you are, the more you will magnetically draw the resources and people you need.

3. Love is Everything

Things are temporary, but love endures forever. Money can buy a lot of things, but never true love. Money can buy your dream house, but love makes it a home. Money may buy you experiences, but only love can create lifelong memories by stirring your emotions.

Love is what carries us through tough times. Love is what drives us to make sacrifices for others when the world tells us we should take care of ourselves. Love brings hope to hopeless situations. Love makes brokenness whole. It is love that will conquer whatever you may face.

Love is amazing in that the more you give, the more you will receive. It is limitless, and when you learn to love freely and unconditionally, you will truly find the life you long to live.

4. Your Mess Will Become Your Message

At 35 years old, I had worldly success. I was a millionaire. The worldly success, however, changed me. I lost focus of who I was at my core and what was truly important. My ego and pride, along with the downturn in the economy, changed everything. Four years later, I found myself in bankruptcy court with $500 left to my name.

I wondered how I could put my family in this situation. I was ashamed and scared. I knew I had to change if I wanted things to change. I decided to focus on all I had rather than what I had lost, and everything around me changed for the better.

Although it was difficult, we survived financially. But my relationship with my wife and children survived the firestorm better than ever. Physically and spiritually, I am in a much better place.

The very thing I believed was the worst thing that could happen to me turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I didn't want my pain to be in vain. I turned my mess into my message and my passion now is to share my story of hope.

Whatever you've been through, your story can encourage someone to overcome what he is facing. Maybe your struggle happened just so you could use it to change the life of someone else for the better. Share your story!

You Can Have An Epic Life

Don't be fooled by the world's view of success. Focus on others, live passionately, love freely, and turn your mess into a message of inspiration for others.

These are the untold secrets to an epic life.

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