4 Reasons Men Should Be Using Beard Oil

4 Reasons Men Should Be Using Beard Oil
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When the startup known as Urban Beardsmen pitched their beard oil product on the Emmy award winning television show Sharktank, it was clear that this product answered a need in the marketplace for many men including entrepreneurs and businessmen who are growing beards but didn't quite know how to take care of them.

Even though they weren't able to secure a deal with their lifestyle beard products, they managed to convince the sharks of a new beard oil concept and how this product can help millions of men worldwide take care of their beards more effectively on a daily basis.

Beard oil won't magically help you grow a beard, but it is necessary for daily care of facial air. Beard oil consists of base oils like almond and grapeseed oils. On top of the base oils, are the essential oils from plants, flowers or trees, which are responsible for creating the fragrance.

If you're a new time beard grower or just searching for new beard products, read on for four ways beard oil can help men and their beards.

1.Beard oil restores vitality to your beard.

A beard can make men look older than their years, and regular use of beard oil rejuvenates the face and general appearance.

2. Beard oil helps with dryness

What will give men a healthy beard is healthy skin. The dirt gets in the beard will cause the facial hair to become dry and frizzy. Beard oils hydrate and soften the skin. Beard oils prevent dandruff from occurring on a regular basis by getting into the roots and follicles of the hair to produce a very healthy beard.

3. Beard oil helps with itchiness

If your beard hair is especially irritating, using beard oil daily will reduce the itchiness and conditions much better than simple shampoos and conditioners. Remember, beard hair is not the same as head hair. It's thicker and coarser than head hair and beard oil is made for this very purpose.

4. Beard oil creates a nice shine

Even these bearded billionaires have a good or bad beard day. Beard oil will restore that vitality, shimmer and rejuvenation by creating a very healthy beard. Beard oil oxidizes; it doesn't evaporate like a water based product which is why it's better than using a simple conditioner. The oil will get absorbed into your skin and stay in the beard for a long time without flakiness or dryness.

Unhealthy skin conditions won't help a beard grow faster or help the beard stay healthier. Beard oil creates an optimal setting for growing beards. In addition, a man's general health, diet and lifestyle will produce the optimal conditions for growing facial hair. Beard oil hydrates, conditions, and promotes healthy growth.

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