4 Ways Single Entrepreneurs Can Get In On Cuffing Season

It's that time of the year! The leaves are changing colors, the sun is setting earlier and we're trading our icy Coolattas for warm pumpkin spice lattes: cuffing season has officially arrived. Cooler weather and reluctance to leave the house, suddenly has men and women gravitating to one another, looking for someone to keep them warm throughout the winter.

It's hard enough for people who work 8 hour days, to find their cuddle buddy, but what if you're an entrepreneur working 16+ hours a day? Trying to date someone while building a brand is damn near impossible. You feel like your emotions are in a pressure cooker, ready to explode.

However, if you're any good at entrepreneurship, you don't accept the word "impossible". You buckle down, find solutions to your problems and get shit done. So how about transferring that go-getter spirit to your love life? Here are four ways to participate in cuffing season and be successful.

Spread the Word

Go ahead and put it other there! Just like you mustered up the courage to start telling people about your service or product, you gotta let people know that you're single and looking to mingle. Referrals were a big part of getting your business rolling so transfer the practice. Ask your family and friends to introduce you to people and set you up.

Become A Socialite

Start RSVP'ing because networking events aren't just for business. Attend watch parties, panel discussions, business launches, etc. Don't turn down any invitations. You never know if the next person you exchange business cards with, will be the same person you'll be kissing under the mistletoe. Ladies, put on that sexy sweater dress and gentlemen rock that dapper sports coat.

Swipe Right

Pretend like you're writing your sales page and create an appealing account on BeLinked, Meld or Whim. Dating apps are the easiest way to meet lots of cuff potential, so get to swiping. You're working all the time and don't have an extra minute to spare? Lies! Entrepreneurs prioritize their schedule to what's important to them. Pencil yourself in! You probably generate leads and book prospect calls through social media, so why not your cuff buddy?

Date Multiple People

All prospects don't turn into paid clients. So between incompatibility and flaking, expect that some dates won't pan out either. Fight the feeling that being a serial dater is slimy and keep your dating pipeline active until you've officially sealed the deal and are cuffed.

Remember, the whole point of cuffing season is to have someone to spend time with during the winter. But don't let the term "season" make you view your cuff buddy as a per diem deal. If they display staying power, go ahead and lock them into a contract deal. Win big!

Are you wondering if you're capable of turning your cuff buddy into a long-term relationship? Are you dateable? Find out now! Take a quiz here.

Kenyatta is the founder of Polished Personas, a consulting agency that empowers service based professionals and entrepreneurs to build standout personal brands that position them for next level success in business and love. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Facebook.