4 Ways to Express Your Love for Your Customers

It is every entrepreneurs dream to have customers that not only adore the services and products that you offer, but also feel deeply emphatic towards the values of the business, in turn becoming somewhat of ambassadors for your brand. Your job is to make sure that these customers feel their value in the company, why should they care, if you don't care in the first place?

1. Surveys

To understand the customer, you need to listen to what it has to say, and the best way to do this as an online entrepreneur is by taking advantage of surveys. A great place to start is SurveyMonkey, a basic survey can be generated for free, and will give you the necessary perspective of how you can ask questions and listen to your customers.

In case you need a little encouragement on the type of questions that yield the best responses, here is an article that looks at some good business questions to ask your customers. You're also welcome to write your own in the comments!

2. Partnerships

A good business strategy will always involve partnering up with other businesses, perhaps the kind that kind somehow enhance the product experience for you both, and if done right -- you can always try and offer free services from your partners, something that your customers won't expect, but will surely be delighted about. The element of surprise!

3. Extra-mile

Now you know what the customers like and want, and you've also given them some initiatives to really appreciate your business plan, but what about going the extra mile? Whether it is giving away some awesome features for free (such as free delivery), or by really listening to their feedback, anything that customers have suggested and have your reaction -- will count as going the extra-mile.

4. Rewards

The last way of expressing your affection and love towards your customers is by going straight to rewards, which can come in so many different forms. In the list of my favorites you will find t-shirt giveaways (great for building brand awareness), giving the customers an opportunity to refer their friends and get rewarded for it (organic growth), as well as other forms of rewards that don't require too much effort from the customer, but gives them a feeling of deep satisfaction.