4 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out Among the Crowd

So how do you differentiate yourself from the pack? How do you ensure the crowd comes to you instead of the guy down the block? I have you covered. Here are four ways you can break the mold to boost your biz.
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With every passing year, it becomes increasingly important for you to find as many ways as possible to separate yourself from your competition.

Gone are the days where you can simply copy what another business is doing, and rely on undercutting their price by a few bucks. All that will do is send you on the fast track to closing your doors for good. So how do you differentiate yourself from the pack? How do you ensure the crowd comes to you instead of the guy down the block?

I have you covered. Here are four ways you can break the mold to boost your biz.

Focus Less on Traditional Marketing and More on Customer Experience: Every time I think of why I stopped doing business with a certain company, it always comes down to my experience as a customer. The places I leave in a hurry and never come back to are the places that are bland, boring, and impersonal. What a surprise. So if you want people to do business with you, and continue to do so for years and years, get personal with them. Get to know their life story. Find out the real reasons they've sought out your products and services, and go out of your way to solve them better than anyone. Last but not least, entertain them! Put on a show every single time they set foot in your building or on your website. Master those 3 things, and I promise you'll never have to worry where your next customer is going to come from.

Come in to Contact with Your Customers as Many Times as Possible: The worst thing that can happen to your business is to be forgotten. When everyone forgets you, the money stops coming in. My favorite way of combating this is to add even more value to the customers through additional online content. Feed them daily blog articles, podcasts, and videos that are packed with entertaining, problem solving info. Keep yourself on their mind for as long as you can. The more they see you and think about you, the longer they'll stay a customer.

Become a Ultra Targeted Specialist: You've heard it time and time again; if you serve everyone, you serve no one. The demand is higher for businesses that specialize in providing a laser targeted product or service that serves a very specific group of people. There are two main benefits to becoming a specialist in a certain niche or micro niche; customers are easier to acquire because you solve their very specific problem, and you can charge more because your products and services are so specialized. So instead of being the personal trainer who helps everyone with any fitness need, for example, be the trainer that only helps postpartum women with weight loss.

Go Above and Beyond in Ways That May Not be Obvious: What I mean by this is look for little extras you can add to your products or services that can instantly change them from normal to luxurious. Here's a couple examples: say you own a dog grooming shop. One thing you can do is have a complimentary massage service, where you provide the dog's owner with a free massage while she is waiting for her dog to be finished. Or say you own a restaurant. While the customers are patiently waiting to be sat, you can have a magician doing magic tricks in the waiting area to entertain waiting guests and keep them from leaving during busy hours. I'm not saying those ideas are good one's, but you get my point. Turning your business in to a luxury, with simple add on's like those, retain customers, flood you with referrals, and allow you to charge higher fees.

So go ahead and implement these 4 tips, and you'll surely leave your competitors in the dust.

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