4 Ways to Manage Your Energy and Thrive Through the Holidays

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The holiday season is here. Between family, loved ones, the hustle and bustle and holiday spirit, it can be helpful to implement self-care in order to stay centered through it all.

Whether you realize it or not, everything and everyone we engage with in life is made up of energy. We are affected positively and sometimes negatively by the energy with which we engage. Here are some practices you can immediately implement to manage your own energy can help you thrive through the busy holidays.

#1) Give the Gift of Grounding

A wonderful gift you can give to yourself or another person is grounding. Grounding is the process of energetically connecting to the earth. The earth element in our body relates the pelvis, tailbone, legs and feet. When energy rises to the head or heart there can be symptoms of distraction, anxiety, being overly critical, disconnected, overly emotional, etc. Grounding into the lower body supports relaxation, connection to yourself, clarity, and empowerment.

Visiting family and loved ones during the holiday can be very grounding. It also can be very triggering depending on your family dynamics. The best gift that you can give yourself during the holidays is to ground yourself. You can also give the gift of grounding to other people when you communicate from a grounded place. Alternatively, you can pray for someone else’s grounding. If there is a friend or loved one who is often in reaction to life, prior to visiting with them you, can simply pray for them to be grounded in their body and connect to their true self. It doesn’t always mean they will be grounded when you see them, but notice when something shifts. The energy in the room will respond to the most dominant presence, so when you ground yourself and your body you mirror to others the possibility of how they can be in their bodies. And grounding feels good.

#2) Bathing in Sacred Energy

In the air, and beneath the hustle and bustle, there is a sacred and mystical quality of energy during the holidays. The holidays are spiritual in their true nature. They are vortexes for bringing sacred energy into life. Whatever your background is or spiritual affiliation may be, music, lights, smells, sights, foods, traditions, etc are all opportunities for you to get connected to what is sacred to you. Simply listening to music can help you come home to yourself. It can also help clear negative energy in a space. Just simply playing sacred or high vibrational music can bathe your spiritual essence.

Other suggestions to bathe yourself in the sacred are to meditate can include:

  • Baking a pie or cooking a holiday meal with music and a candle
  • Taking time to look at holiday lights
  • Visiting a sacred place, a place of worship or where you feel connected to the Divine
  • Praying, gratitude offering and being open to receiving
  • Creating or recreating a ritual or tradition that connects you to your heart
  • Taking a salt bath to cleanse your energy, pray and purify

#3) Create a New Ritual

As you have been evolving over the years, it can be possible that some of your holiday traditions may need to be upgraded. There may be some you would love to continue, and there also maybe new traditions or rituals that feel more in alignment with who you are now. This type of tradition is for you to connect to the sacred in your life. It could be a walk with friends with a particular theme. It could be a meditation hour where you invite family and friends over to meditate on intentions and then make vision boards. It could also be a ritual of giving back to the community in some way. Whatever your rituals may be, allow them to come from your heart and fill your heart.

#4) Don’t Make Assumptions

The final way to help manage your energy is from Don Miguel Ruiz’ book The Four Agreements. It’s Don’t make Assumptions. On an energetic level, when we make assumptions about what others are thinking and feeling we are basically intuiting what the other person’s experience is in their body. That is a boundary crossing. It’s crossing into their energy field to try to read them. What that does on an energetic level is you leave your center and when you do, you open up to taking on the energy of others. Then it can become difficult to shake someone from your mind. They are not the issue anymore. Instead you have an issue that has gotten touched in you. The alternative is to stay grounded and connected to yourself and allow others to be in their own experience If you are triggered or something is getting touched in you, ask yourself “What is getting touched in me as I engage or think about with this person?” Clear the air by asking questions instead of assuming what the other person is thinking or feeling. This can be helpful at those big family events where there are many personalities and dynamics that can be triggering. Not all family gatherings are triggering, but there’s a great quote by Ram Dass that says “If you think you are enlightened go spend a week with your family.”

May these four ways to help manage your energy through the holidays and help you thrive to be centered, grounded and true to you. If you are interested in kicking of 2018 with a powerful infusion of healing, clearing and soul enhancing, I invite you to join me for the 11th annual New Year's Tele Retreat. It happens by webcast, worldwide on Dec 29, 30 and 31. You will receive 3 days of deep healing and Divine transmission from spirit guides and angels. Learn more about it here.

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