4 Ways to Market Yourself as an Author and Writer

If you have been wondering how to build a bigger author platform, content marketing is just one way -- a very effective way -- to do it! Your bank account will thank you for it.
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Whether you are a freelance writer, author, or both, it is imperative that you have a plan in place for getting your message out about your work(s). The single-most effective way to achieve this is through the use of content marketing.

Are you struggling with how to get more eyes on your writing? Below are four ways you can market yourself and your written work! I have personally used all four of these content-marketing ideas, and I have found great results. I know that you will too!

Before we talk about ways you can market yourself as an author or writer, it's super important for you to know that you must have a solid content strategy in place for any of the content you are going to publish. The worst thing you can do for your overall author/writing brand is to publish inconsistently or publish things that are off-brand.

4 Ways to Market Yourself As An Author and Writer

  1. Blog Content. Blogging helps you in so many ways. First of all, it provides a way for people to find you when you are Googling topics related to your book. It brings people to your website, where they can then purchase your book. And, the content you write helps you brand yourself as an expert on the topics you are writing about.

  • Video Content. Videos, whether they are created and published on Periscope, YouTube, or your website, have the power to do something that writing alone cannot: Show off your unique personality. There are countless ways you can use video to market your writing. I have taken questions from readers that I received via email and made a video series called Ask the Author. I have also talked about issues in my memoir on video, allowing people a more intimate look into me as a human being!
  • Branded Images. Images that contain compelling quotes, tips, and ideas from your book are a great way to reach new readers on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. The content for these images is already written -- usually on your blog or in your manuscript or finished book -- and you should be using it to create branded images in your marketing plan.
  • Podcasting. There are so many great things about podcasting -- I don't even know where to begin! First, podcasting gives you a voice on the topics that you are most passionate about as an author. You can interview guests on various subjects, and they in turn will share your podcast with their people, and you will reach new readers. Podcasting also puts you "on a new level" as an author, because the majority of authors haven't embraced this medium yet. This means you are being called for interviews and appearances -- simply because you are more visible and have a bigger "voice."
  • If you have been wondering how to build a bigger author platform, content marketing is just one way -- a very effective way -- to do it!
    I have only touched on four of the ideas I am using above, but I encourage you to pick a new form of content marketing to explore. Your bank account will thank you for it.

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