4 Ways to Prioritize Your Health in College

This blog post was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Reyna Cazares from California State University, Fresno.

Being a student can be one of the busiest times in one's life. Often times, college can be a juggle amongst a job, an internship, and study time. The post-college competitive job market is a stressful thing to think about, so students set out to be the best candidate possible. Even though preparing for the real-world is a great thing, it is not so great when health begins to suffer because of the constant juggling. College students are told multiple times to set their priorities straight; however, health is often missing from that list. It can be difficult to understand why health is important from a young person's perspective, but youth is not everlasting. Ever feel sluggish? That can be due to the lack of energy given to the body. Things like exercising and eating healthier can help boost that energy. Even though it sounds like it is common sense, not everyone has an easy time staying consistent. Do not let working out be at the end of your to-do list. Here are four tips to get and keep you in shape!

Get a workout buddy Working out with friends can serve as an encouraging factor. When there are more people involved it is easier to stay on track. There are days when you will feel tired, but your buddy will be there for a quick pick up! If getting back in shape includes weight loss, then having a friendly competition with one another can be fun. Make sure to include a "winning" prize at the end of the game.

Healthier food choices do not have to be boring When healthy food comes to mind, a picture of a boring plate often pops up for many. The truth is that eating healthy can be tasty. There are plenty of online food blogs and websites to visit for appetizing recipes. An easy platform to use for food inspiration is Pinterest. Starting the morning off with a filling breakfast like oatmeal and fruit provides enough fiber to keep the munchies satisfied until lunchtime. As a student, much time is spent at the school's food court or fast-food restaurants nearby, but that doesn't mean a healthy meal is far away. If there is no choice but to eat out, then opt for a salad or something with fewer calories. Drinking sugary drinks like soda can also slow the body down. Water does not have to be plain either, just add some sliced up fruit and lemon slices for a detox affect.

Take your time to get back in shape Sometimes diets and doing strenuous exercises can seem like the easy way out. Trying to get fit quickly is never a good idea, because there is more stress on the body. The more stress there is on the body, the more likely it will want to give up. It may appear that the body is back in shape for a short term with diets, but it is best to think about health as long term. Weight loss tends to be associated with health, but that is not always the case. Weight loss does play a factor into the result of living a healthier lifestyle, but it should not be seen as the only important thing.

Do not make your health an option Once you're on track for a healthier lifestyle, it is very easy to fall back again. The easiest way to not let this happen is by making a promise to yourself. Make the promise that your health is at the very top of that priority list. If you find yourself trying to make excuses not to workout or eat healthier, than simply listen that little voice inside your head that says why you should. Scheduling exercises and meals amongst your busy schedule can make things easier!