4 Ways To Stay Motivated In A Bad News World


I am a motivational speaker and book author. In these times of world turmoil, in these times of terrorism and political strife, with such violence and discord around the world where there seems to be so much inhumanity to man, here is the question that I get every day; how can I get and stay motivated in times like these? First here is the bad news -- it is not easy -- it's hard. Now here is the good news -- it can be done. I believe that it comes down to one word and the word in this particular case is exposure. Limit your exposure to the big poisonous stuff and increase your exposure to things that are positive. I know as a motivational speaker it's easy for me to say but here are some ways to achieve it:

1. Set a bad news budget -- If you want to get and stay motivated, I strongly recommend limiting the time spent reading or watching negative stories. Look I'm not an ostrich, and I'm not burying my head in the sand -- I know that there is violence and terrorism in the world. If a horrific story comes up I will find out what happened, but once I get the gist of it, I move on. I do not dwell on the sad horrific details and read all of the eyewitness reports on the horror that happened. The result of doing that is just depressing and it brings you down. So I strongly recommend that you create a bad news budget and spend a very short amount of time each day on reviewing the news then move on to something positive.

2. Increase the time you spend with positive content -- For example right here on The Huffington Post there are some great sections such as GPS for the Soul, Healthy Living and several other sections that focus on positive content. Go online and watch a TED Talk, make time to speak to positive friends, read an inspirational biography, listen to a motivational podcast. By increasing the time you spend with positive content you will be putting more positive information into your heart mind and soul. You need it now.

3. Don't talk about it too much -- It seems to me that whenever terrible things happen, people sit around and talk endlessly about the story with friends and family and coworkers. Here is the problem -- the negativity of those conversations can consume you. We give it too much space. It's so easy to say "what a terrible world it is" and how "this is awful and that is tragic" and "oh my goodness how can people do this" -- that is all true but here is the problem -- it owns you. It will eat at your very soul. I am declaring right now -- I'm not letting evil own my soul or my life and pull me down with it into the dark abyss. If I do let it pull me down into the abyss then evil wins and evil must not now or ever win. Goodness should reign supreme.

4. Expose yourself to more beauty -- There is so much beauty in the world around us (it sounds like a cliché but it is so true). There are majestic beauties like amazing sunsets and beautiful ocean views, and Blue Ridge Mountains. There are the simple beauties of life such as a Hummingbird in mid-flight or the smile of a baby and their infectious belly laugh. There is inspiring art and mesmerizing dance and amazing architecture and inventions all around us that makes your life better every day but we don't tend to notice it because we are dwelling on the negative. Seek out more beauty.

Keep in mind that throughout history there have been people who were able to get and stay motivated through the most difficult of circumstances and adversity. So put a stake in the ground and decide that you're going to be and stay motivated because after all at the end of each day whether your motivated or not motivated is simply this -- a choice you make.