4 Weird Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

Though we work in the business of breakups, we're really about confidence and bouncing back to your best self. You've probably heard the saying "Confidence is key" at least once in your life, and you probably took nothing away from it because it's really quite vague. Confidence is the key to what? The city? Your old apartment? Somebody's heart? Maybe it's unclear because it's supposed to mean what you want it to, but one good way to finish that sentence is that it's the key to loving yourself. And we all know loving yourself isn't as easy as you wish it were, but when you shorten the saying it makes it sound like being confident is an easy task, which is untrue. However, there are a few easy tips and tricks that you can try out that may just help you find the confidence you wish you always had, and the confidence you need to completely demolish any self-hate you've been carrying around like your favorite worn handbag you just can't bear to part with.

1. Stop giving fake compliments.

We've all done it... we've all been a little fake to someone before. Whether they've just given you a compliment and you feel the need to reciprocate or you just have this strange desire to lie about a pair of shoes they've got on that you absolutely hate... just don't. Unless you're some mastermind criminal with an awesome poker face, most people can pick up on micro expressions that tell them you're lying. And when you're insincere, it's not just awkward for them, but for you. Subconsciously, you'll tear yourself down for being a liar, but once you're sucked into the cycle, you might not be able to break free. Give compliments only when you truly mean them- and try to give someone (even a stranger) something nice to think about everyday!

2. Talk to yourself!

Maybe not out in public, as you run the risk of looking a little crazy, but when it's just you and your best friend (aka you), tell yourself nice things. When you're looking in the mirror to check out a new dress you've just put on, tell yourself you look hot! If you've just received a promotion or some other major accomplishment, tell yourself you did a nice job! If you don't want to be vocal, visualize yourself giving yourself a high-five...sounds a little strange, but it's a unique way to give yourself a major, "Hell yeah!"

3. Buy something you normally wouldn't.

Whether it's a shirt you never thought you'd be able to pull off or a nice piece of jewelry, buy it! Even if those around you don't think you should (like, if they don't think you could pull it off either), do what you want! It's so easy to say don't listen to what others think, and hard when it actually comes down to it, but little acts of treating yourself from time to time is such a good way to tell yourself you love you. And while material items aren't everything, sometimes something as simple as new clothes can give you mega confidence.

4. Take a damn selfie!

If you're feeling your look or just feel like being silly, don't be ashamed to take a selfie! Older generations like to make fun of the younger ones for being so "self-absorbed", but I've seen selfies more often used as an act of self-love rather than an act of self-obsession. Just take the damn photo and shut them up with your beauty. It's a great medium through which you can show off your new killer confidence!