4-Year-Old Explains Why She Went Into Mom's Makeup And Gave Herself A 'Makeover'

Getting into mom's makeup is practically a rite of passage for curious little kids. After watching her mother do makeup tutorials, 4-year-old Mia wanted "[her] own makeover."

As the little girl explains in this adorable video, she put blush around her face, mascara on her eyelashes, and a particularly dark shade of gloss on her lips. When Mia's mom tells her, “Only grown-ups can wear this much makeup!,” she replies, “But I really wanted to look pretty like you.”

Mia's mom uploaded this clip to YouTube in July 2014, but it started going viral last week after a Turkish newspaper shared it on Facebook.

As mom writes in the description, this video is "Proof that our children listen and learn from our every move. She watches me when I do my make up and do make-up tutorials."

While it's clear that Mia wants to create her own beauty routine, mom sets the record straight: "But you look beautiful with no makeup!" Still, a new video uploaded on Sunday shows that the 4-year-old has since channeled her interest into doing tutorials on her sister.

Perhaps this is the start of a budding career as a makeup artist.

H/T Babble

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