4-Year-Old Takes Newly Divorced Mom On Valentine's Day Date

Max wanted to use his saved pennies to treat his mom to a special date.

When you're a recently divorced mom, Valentine's Day is about as bearable as nails on a chalkboard. 

So when 4-year-old Max found out that his newly divorced mom, Emma Schofield, had no date for the big day, he was determined to be the best Valentine he could be for her.

During a trip to the grocery store this past weekend, Max slipped a few presents into his mom's shopping cart.

"My son told me to close my eyes, which I kept partially open to see what he was up to," Schofield, who lives in England, explained in a Facebook post, adding that she watched Max pick out a Valentine's card and teddy bear for her. "My eyes welled up as we continued to shop."

Then, on the big day, Max asked his mom if he could take her out on a date to Pizza Express, a nearby Italian restaurant, and offered to pay for the dinner with a jar of pennies he'd been saving for months.

"Of course, I was the designated [chauffeur]," Schofield explained on the Spotted Newton Abbot Facebook page.

At the restaurant, Schofield enjoyed a three-course meal with her incredibly charming date.

"We had this wonderful meal and Max's manners were impeccable," Schofield told Yahoo News. "He was ordering things and being so polite."

At the end of the meal, as Max was preparing to pay the bill, a waitress approached their table in tears. She and her coworkers were so touched by Max and Schofield's date that they offered their meal free of charge.

"This extremely kind gesture left me crying with happiness and holding onto my son with pure joy!" Schofield wrote on Facebook.

Julie Clifford, the manager at Pizza Express, said that the restaurant staff could see how much Max cared about his date.

"He clearly wanted to create a special moment for her," Clifford told Yahoo News. "And I'm only too glad that we could assist."

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