40 Fresh DIY Holiday Gifts for Every Single Person On Your List

This year, save yourself from the dreaded holiday shopping, by DIYing the very best gifts for everyone on your list -- friends and family. These ideas from Hometalk bloggers are some of the best ways to show your love this holiday season, so save your cash, and spend some time crafting DIY gifts!
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This year, save yourself from the dreaded holiday shopping, by DIYing the very best gifts for everyone on your list -- friends and family. These ideas from Hometalk bloggers are some of the best ways to show your love this holiday season, so save your cash, and spend some time crafting DIY gifts!

1. For that green-thumbed friend
Project via Jami @An Oregon Cottage

Thrifted silver cup succulent tutorial here.

2. For your sister who'd love a sweet in-house spa
Project via Dee @Meatloaf and Melodrama

DIY peppermint vanilla sugar scrub recipe here.

3. For your super stylish decorator friend
Project via Tania @Run to Radiance

Easy IKEA greenhouse hack here.

4. For your long-distance besties
Project via Heather @The Heathered Nest

Personalized map coaster set instructions here.

5. For the constantly caffeinated hot drink lover in your life
Project via Sarah @Sadie Seasongoods

Gifted coffee and tea box DIY here.

6. For your bestie who knows how to start a Christmas day right
Project via Larissa @Prodigal Pieces

Directions for cozy bathtub tray here.

7. For your funniest and funkiest friend
Project via Angela @Blue i Style

How to make debonair dog coasters here.

8. For your neighbor with the perfect holiday porch
Project via Jen @Fresh Crush

Lighted Christmas pallet tutorial here.

9. For your business traveller father-in-law
Project via Mrs. Major Hoff @Major Hoff Takes a Wife

Mini bar in a mason jar tutorial here.

10. For the hostess with the mostess
Project via Patti @Garden Matter

Pressed flower coaster how-to here.

11. For your favorite fashionista niece
Project via Jillian @I Am a Homemaker

Directions for industrial sunglasses holder here.

12. For your boss (if they get to relax, you get to relax!)
Project via Andrea @Personally Andrea

Homemade orange cream milk bath recipe here.

13. For your sweetest seamstress
Project via Steph @The Silly Pearl

Mason jar mending kit how-to here.

14. For your favorite young mom
Project via Natalie @A Turtle's Life for Me

Animal specimen art tutorial here.

15. For your closest & cleanest friends
Project via Jen @Fresh Crush

Easy DIY soap dispenser tutorial here.

16. For your six year old cousin
Project via Kathy @Petticoat Junktion

Frozen jar gift how-to here.

17. For the happy homemaker in your life
Project via Kelly @Typically Simple

Block printed dish towel tutorial here.

18. For the biggest rustic decor addict you know
Project via Donna @Funky Junk Interiors

Rustic Christmas sign how-to's here.

19. For that scrabble pro uncle
Project via Ronja @Nur Noch

Scrabble ornament tutorial here.

20. For your favorite collector
Project via Lacey @Feathering My Nest

How to make a vintage snow globe here.

21. For that buddy who appreciates a cozy cabin
Project via Linda @Crafts a la Mode

Puppy heating pad DIY here.

22. For your local laundry fanatic
Project via Holy @The Coconut Head's Survival Guide

Lavender linen spray recipe here.

23. For that aunt with the magazine-worthy house
Project via Shauna @Satori Design for Living

Snowflake printed tea towel tutorial here.

24. For your friend with the budding youngins
Project via Thea @Time with Thea

Christmas keepsake ornament how-to here.

25. For your always-accessorized sister
Project via Albion @Albion Gould

Rustic glam jewelry holder tutorial here.

26. For your closest instagramer
Project via Christine @Where The Smiles Have Been

Photo magnet tile DIY here.

27. For the most gourmet person you know
Project via Lacey @Feathering My Nest

Vintage dish cake stand how-to here.

28. For that self-soothing pal who just can't get enough of Christmas
Project via Jessica @Designers Sweet Spot

Luxurious candy can soap recipe here.

29. For your friend who adores this season's scents
Project via Mary Beth @Cupcakes and Crinoline

Christmas scent jar diffuser how-to here.

30. For your classiest cafe lover
Project via Malia @Yesterday on Tuesday

Holiday coffee caddy arrangement tutorial here.

31. For your loving grandmother
Project via Kari & Becky @U Create

Wooden block photo frame directions here.

32. For your favorite cook (we mean Mom, of course)
Project via Kelly @The Moon and Me

Monogrammed cutting board and utensils tutorial here.

33. For your brother, the designated shovel-er
Project via Sarah @Sadie Seasongoods

Flannel scrap hand warmer how-to here.

34. For your cool, young-spirited aunt
Project via Jenise @DIY Fun Ideas

How to turn leftover PVC piping into designer bangles here.

35. For your college student who's sprucing up her dorm
Project via Gemma @The Sweetest Digs

Clay bowls and dishes directions here.

36. For the over-worked Mister in your life
Project via Holly @Coconut Head's Survival Guide

Homemade pampering soap for men recipe here.

37. For the newlyweds
Project via Lindee @The Lindee Tree

Mr. and Mrs. pillow set how-to here.

38. For that person who you know will resolve to be more organized this year
Project via Dana @Cereus Art

Sea glass magnet DIY here.

39. For your coffee-loving coworker
Project via Dena @Hearts & Sharts

Watercolor coffee mug tutorial here.

40. For that special someone
Project via Brittany, Sarah, and Sam @DIY Just Cuz

How to make mistletoe from ornaments here.

For more great DIY gift ideas, check out the DIY Gifts page on Hometalk!

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